Khushboo Ranka, Vinay Shukla Breakout Talent With Their Documentary – An Insignificant Man TIFF16

“Fed up with elections? Run to AN INSIGNIFICANT MAN at TIFF. An extraordinary doc about an ordinary man who changed democracy for good in New Delhi. My prediction for People’s Choice Award at TIFF! I couldn’t stop cheering!!! – Suzanne Holmes Rutherford

Now how often is it that you know someone from high school, with whom you have only had Facebook communication  and there they are in person after all those years at the Toronto International Film Festival to see Khushboo Ranka, snd Vinay Shukla’s film a political thriller, roller coaster ride from-get-go that has a great buildup to the end ‘An Insignificant Man’ .

Now I’ll tell you what I did after the film when I saw the directors Khushboo and Vinay, I said to them “I just want to hug you”. Because this a brilliant and it inspired me. I told them flat-out, “David Bowie would have loved the both of you”.

I am not going to say more because I am going to let Suzanne Holmes Rutherford tell you what she thought of the film, and she had driven a long way to see this film.

Tim, sometimes genius shows up in amazing splendour straight out of the gate. First-time directors Khushboo Ranka and Vinay Shukla!!! Stunning debut parallel to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s Good Will Hunting – I would say.
I was the first one to hand in my ticket to Lina to vote for People’s Choice Award:) When I moved from my seat over to the side, I had the opportunity to congratulate Abhinav Tyagi, one of the editors, on a very brilliant and beautiful film.
I commented to him that the timing of its premiere on the eve of the US elections could not have been more perfect, nor provided a starker contrast to the players south of the border.
I also was able to say a few words (before the receiving line rush) to director Khushboo Ranka, thanking her for her perseverance in showing up to film every day for a year and a half, and for her humility in making herself invisible in order to serve this incredible story.
Further thoughts. The brilliance of Khushboo and Vinay reveals itself from start to finish: in reading the political waters, perceiving something new and radical in Arvind’s/AAP party, and very early on approaching the AAP camp to be their videographers. This brilliance is then matched by the sheer dogged persistence and bravery of hundreds of days of filming, and then the equal slog of the ingenious editing 400 hours of footage plus news reels into what blew us all away last night. The stupendous success of their crowd funding (600% of request) builds on the humble but wildly successful door-to -door-everyone-has-a-voice message of this doc.
I predict multiple nominations and awards.

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