‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ I will huff and I will puff and blow the cocaine up my nose!

WolfWallStreetBTSVulPhotos-Full3 My friend Priscilla (no last names) called herself the ‘freek’n american dream’. Her grandmother had traversed across from the east-coast to California in a stage-coach and bought a ton of land what is now Laguna, or her grandmothers land. When Priscilla’s mother died, Priscilla had been left a bit of money, not much in Wall Street terms but $50 million is $50 million. I got a call from Priscilla if I would introduce her to someone on Wall Street. Taking Priscilla to meet a hot-shot on Wall street was like taking (red riding hood to meet the wolf). The meeting was set for 10;30 am., Priscilla was smartly dressed and looked a lot like Margot Robbie. This is what happened in the first five minutes.

Wolf “Hi good morning Timothy has told me a lot about you, please have a seat”, Priscilla and I both sat down. ” It’s going to be one crazy trading day”, opening a drawer and pulling out a vile and showing it to the both of us, “anyone want to do a line?”, slightly shocked Priscilla looked at me, (she had been in rehab and had done her share of blow to last a life time), we both nodded to indicate no. The Wolf took a hit, opened another drawer took out a bottle of tequila, poured himself a glass, drank it, then reached for a cigar box (not cigars) full of blunts, and lit it up. Just as he was getting comfortable the phone rang. Priscilla and I just saw a guy looking after billion, do blow, drink tequila, smoking weed and it was not even 10:35.

Wolf, speaking into the phone “so you are fighting with your mom”, does another line and pours another shot of tequila and drinks it, “you have three chooses if you don’t like your mom, you can go to the balcony of the 36th floor of the condo, and jump off, or come live here with me and your step-mom, and have to deal with her, or just deal with it, that’s my advise” and hangs up. “I am so sorry, that was my daughter’, explains the Wolf. Priscilla, shuffles uncomfortably on the sofa, the Wolf observes.

Jonah Hill (plays Donnie Azoff) read the script given to him by Leonardo DiCaprio, called Leo telling him that the script “Wolf of Wall Street”, was a great script and that he knows that world, and people like those in the screenplay and DiCaprio needs to do the film. DiCaprio told Martin Scorsese, about Jonah Hill’s comments and that he knows characters like those in the screenplay and Scorsese, hired Jonah Hill on the spot to play Donnie Azoff.

My friend Priscilla can tell you herself yes, there are people like those who you will see in the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, it makes my list for ‘Best Adapted Screenplay’

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Leonardo DiCaprio Defends ‘Wolf of Wall Street’


“This film may be misunderstood by some,” DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese didn’t set out to tell world that snorting cocaine off a prostitute’s bare backside is the very epitome of success. No folks, it’s a movie about some very bad people.

“The severe honesty in which Jordan Belfort portrayed a hedonistic time in his life on Wall Street,” the Golden Globe-nominated star said when asked what attracted him to the project.
“It’s rare when someone is unafraid to divulge how dark they went. With all these people on Wall Street who’ve screwed over so many people since 2008, I became obsessed with playing a character who made me understand the mentality and nature of the seduction of Wall Street and greed. I appreciated his honesty.”
And, of course, DiCaprio didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to work with Scorsese for a fifth time.
“To get to work with Marty at this point in his career and to make a movie that takes a lot of chances… People—no matter what their attitude is after seeing the film—should understand this is a film that’s outside the box and is very difficult to get done in this day and age; it almost never happens. That in its own right is commendable,” DiCaprio says.

He is to the point on this. If you are an actor then you will understand that the antics of Jordan Belfort, how deeply he goes into the darkness is a role any good actor would want to do especially if it being directed by Martin Scorsese. Can you imagine the pitch meeting for this film?
Wolf of Wall Street

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Having A Cellmate Tommy Chong, Can Lead To ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’

1387548776922.cachedThe Wolf Of Wall Street is based upon the infamous memoirs of Jordan Belfort,arrested in 1998 for securities fraud and money laundering. He was convicted in 2003, and after cooperating with the FBI and ratting out his friends, he received a 4-year sentence, but served only 22 months in a California federal prison. His cellmate was Tommy Chong, one half of “Cheech and Chong,” who was serving 9 months in jail for selling bongs. It was Chong who encouraged him to write a book after laughing at his stories, and Belfort said he read Tom Wolfe’s The Bonfire of the Vanities and modeled his writing after Hunter S. Thompson as well. (No wonder, all those exclamations!) His books ended up netting him an advance from Random House of more than $1 million, and he also received more than another $1 million from the film rights. On top of all that, in perhaps his greatest performance yet, he has refashioned himself as a motivational speaker who gets paid sometimes more than $30,000 a speech. He’s still putting on a show.

Belfort’s life was despicable in so many ostentatious ways, and the sex, drugs, mansions, yachts (the one originally owned by Coco Chanel sunk off the coast of Italy when Belfort demanded to sail through a storm), and trophy wife whom he called the Duchess (Nadine’s name was changed to Naomi in the film) were crimes against good taste.

The problem with The Wolf of Wall Street is that the self-fashioned wolf was nowhere near the real Wall Street. But the film and the books make Belfort seem like a much bigger deal than he was, whereas he was really a relatively small fry.

The big boys of Wall Street, are just as vulgar, despicable and ostentatious. I was sitting across a Wall Street titan once who took out a 18 carat gold straw, lay down a few lines of blow and snorted it and then offered me the straw, which I declined telling him “I don’t do drugs”. Without missing a beat he reveled to me why I should park $1 billion with him, in the old Wall Street days. He started off to tell me that it would take a while to get the money into the market as it’s a lot of money, but that some of it could be used to trade in stocks. I never ended up doing business with him as when I returned to Olympic Towers and was asked how did it go? I let everyone know “He does blow, I can’t trust him and it’s got trouble written all over it”. So what did I learn from this titan of Wall Street in my meeting?

Hookers, you need classy hookers, not the street hooker but those that will cost you $10,000. a night. The hookers are their only for one purpose (entrapment) and yes the real wolves will do that to you. Stripper, you need to have on call a hot, stripper, who will do private board-rooms. The stripper is one who goes and works a boardroom, takes no money, but someone slips her a piece of paper and that paper could be worth anywhere from $50 million to over $100 millions of dollars. There is no trace, paper is shredded, no telephone calls, emails, etc. The information is used in any number of ways (Insider Information). Private jet, (tail number reader) this person or people check up on corporate private jets, so they can then send in their spies to see what’s up and get information that they can use to make billions. The (Social butterfly), a person who you retain or pickup their checks from all around the world. This person travels, and hangs out in interesting places, with only one objective picking up information that to many would be useless but to the Wolf is key. The (Fake Deal) this is a deal, a loan, investment, in a company or entity that is not real but looks real, and must pass the muster of top law firms of Wall Street. This deal is set up to move money out of an account, that really one can afford to loose in Wall Street terms this anywhere from $9 million upwards and is openly visible, so that if the ship goes down that is what the FBI get and not the real loot. Bankers, who you can deal with who don’t piggyback your information, some banks or investment bankers know that someone has valuable information and they then piggyback your stock buys, and sells, and this can land you into trouble. The real Wolf Of Wall Street, play big, they will create a problem so big, that not even the government will want to hurt them for fear of everything coming apart, that’s when you go in for the kill, and ask them to bail you out. Sound familiar. What happened to this coke snorting suit? He was charged with insider trading by the U.S Attorney Rudy Giuliani, ended up doing two years in a Federal prison after ratting out all his friends and associates.

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