I Am Legend – Mark Webber – Will Smith – Monaco Grand Prix

Two cool dude’s in Monaco, Will Smith and Mark Webber.

Monaco Grand Prix, starts when Cannes Festival of Films finishes. It’s been like that for years and for many, especially from Hollywood it is the one time to come down and see a Grand Prix race.

I was on the set of Matrix II on the navy dockland in San Francisco  during some of the filming and the coolest thing that happened was when a Mercedes Benz 220SL arrived on the set a gift from Will Smith to his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. This tells you a lot about a guy. It say’s hey I got you something for your birthday ‘old school’ a very cool car. Everyone on the set of Matrix Reloaded fell in-love with the car.

Will Smith brought his magic, his smile, his Hollywood man in black look, only to witness the magic of Australian Mark Webber.

Mark Webber was starting in pole position. This is no guarantee that you will also get off to a good start at this unforgiving circuit. This is Grand Prix racing and anything can happen. Mark Webber and his crew at Red Bull Racing had gotten everything right, and when the light turned he was gone, without a hitch and never made a mistake in Monaco where in a blink of an eye, a lapse in focus, the sunlight hitting you hard in the eyes coming out of the tunnel can cause you to crash. None of this happened (well for Mark Webber).

To have an Australian win in Monaco his third win at Monaco Grand Prix, with Prince the master of funk playing in Australia, and the Prince of Bel Air in Monaco with the Aussie, this was the universe saying, each one of these dude’s is a Prince, Prince of music, Prince of Bel Air, and Prince of Monaco Grand Prix, Prince Mark Webber.

This was magic. In this world don’t let anyone tell you dreams don’t come true or that magic is not real. It is my friends I saw it happen in Monaco.

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Where There is Glitz There is Glam – Monaco Grand Prix

It’s the Grand Prix of Monaco.

My Friend Robert and his team begin working on this major event months in advance. The hotel rooms have to be locked in, the restaurants have to be all arranged, the yachts organized, the private jets, and most important of all the drinks.

Hannah another friend of mine for her there is no sleep she is too busy with the glam, the glitzy glam of Amber Lounge Monaco.

The world’s most glamorous Grand Prix destination, together with the world’s most sought after After Party, Amber Lounge Monacothe party haven for F1 stars, royalty and celebrities the world over. Is the coolest club.

Monaco is my favorite Grand Prix race. There really is nothing to rival it.

In Monaco you get the sound of the cars screaming rising up as if in a tunnel to the sky. Today alone I received SMS’s from several girls who wanted to come over. One in Paris sent me and SMS that she get’s orgasms when she hears the sound of F1 cars. I wonder what would happen if I put her in my Ferrari and drove her around the track.

During the Monaco Grand Prix, there is the smell in the air of perfume, gasoline, vodka, champagne, burning rubber, body-lotion, coffee all in a small space, loaded with babes, girls who love glitz and glam.

To top off everything, Cannes Film Festival finishes in time for those wanting to come over, come and mingle with those casually walking about in jeans and sneakers.  Here you just come to spend money and spend it they do at Monaco  Grand Prix.

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Yea! I Am The Fastest Man In Monaco – Monaco Grand Prix

Who’s the man? It is none other then the great world champion Michael-Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher zipped his car around the roads of Monte Carlo that he knows so well, full on like the champion that he is and on the day was the fastest man on Monaco.

However Michael carries with him a penalty from Barcelona, naught boy Michael and so will not start in pole position, that will go to Mark Webber.

Not for the first time, the rules of Formula One have stripped the sport of something marvellous and is the poorer for it. It is not that Schumacher does not deserve to be punished, because he does, the more so for blaming the innocent Senna for the incident. But it is a shame for the sport that Schumacher will not start in front, a shame that he could not be docked points instead, or even banned from a race.

Carrying over a punishment into the next race is a questionable procedure. Martin Whitmarsh, the McLaren team principal, said: “Michael didn’t finish the last race, so it was impossible for him to be punished in that race. So the punishment had to be carried over.”

McLaren’s Jenson Button, who will start from 13th on the grid, said: “Michael must be kicking himself. He has received a lot of criticism but he has achieved such a lot in his career and today he put together a fine lap.”

It’s race day so let’s see what drama unfolds on the streets of Monte Carlo.

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Pastor Maldonado – Kick This Guy Out – Monaco Grand Prix

It’s, Monte Carlo, Monaco Grand Prix. Only a few weeks ago Pastor Maldonado was being talked and written about by everyone including me after his win in Barcelona, Spain.

However, and I will not hold back on this. In the sport of formula one racing there is no room for an idiot like Pastor Maldonado.

This is a sport of skill, speed, team work, and you keep your cool. This is not where you use your multi-million dollar which is not yours as a weapon.

Pastor Maldonado has been given a ten-place grid penalty for hitting Sergio Perez during FP3.

Perez had moved over to the inside of the track on the approach to Portier to allow Maldonado through when the Williams turned across and made contact with the front of the Sauber. The incident occurred long before the apex of the corner and the stewards have ruled that the Maldonado caused the collision.

Maldonado has previous history of a similar incident. He was penalised for driving into Lewis Hamilton at the end of qualifying in Belgium last year having been incensed at Hamilton barging his way past when on a flying lap.

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‘Moni Mon Amie’ – Julia Holter

Director Yelena Zhelezov writes, “The video for ‘Moni Mon Amie’ interprets the song as a lyrical appeal to the unattainable other, and a conversation that’s being had with oneself. The longing transforms the perception of the everyday, turning each moment into a poetic landscape in which the miniature and the gigantic become interchangeable. Julia plays the subject and the object of desire in this video.” Watch it below.

Now where would I go see her perform live. Paris, is a good bet as it’s the time for Monte Carlo, and the Monaco Grand Prix. The timing could not be better. So watch for some great news from Paris and Julia Holter. Here is her video.

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