Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Paris Tonight on CBS Meet Model Rachelle Denison

The motto of this story is always keep your eyes open for what is around you as you never know what you will discover.

Discovering Rachelle was all about making a U-turn. While on my way to Paris for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show taping I walked right past Rachelle doing a photo shoot. Having passed her I thought to myself come on Tim, lets check out what’s up and turned around. What I found was a pleasant surprise.
I instantly knew Rachelle had it when she discovered she had no pockets in her blazer and decided instead to hold on to the jacket for effect.

Learn more about Rachelle her thoughts on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show later this week on my upcoming podcast.

Give Rachelle a follow and tune in to CBS at 10pm EST for the gig from Paris.


Take me away. #photo by @ikomaramo #photoshoot @elitetoronto #model #beach #freedom #peace #beauty

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Discovering Model Yasmin Simon Of Brazil

When I discover talent I share that news with the world, it is what I do. I keep a keen eye on who starts to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, and then I try to learn more about them.

Yasmin Simon is a model from Brazil, with Allure and when she followed me on Instagram I liked what she was doing and as it is my mission to share my finding check out this model who has it going on. Now my next aim is to find out if she can skateboard? and if she can I’m gonna put her in a movie and that’s how we roll.

Here is some of Yasmin Simon’s Instagram posts.

@patbo_oficial #spfw #spfw20a #yasminsimon @lequipe_agence

A video posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Yasmin Simon (@yasminsimon_) on

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Discovering Model Polina Pavilkova On The Road To Rio – Rio 2016

“My favorite sports — I like running and dancing. Now I am going to the ballet class. Very beautiful and strict kind of sport.” – Polina Pavilkova


On my way to Rio, after a gig on the Le Tour de France I discovered Polina.  Polina reminded me of of one of my friends late mother Audrey Hepburn.  I saw that Polina was shooting with various photographers in Paris where she now lives and thought let me share this find with because that is what I love to do, discover, learn more about the discovery and then sharing it with the world.  Because you never know where the road will lead you and in this case it led to the discovery on not only Polina, but of photographer Christian Wilmes (above photo), hairstylist Claudio Duarte (above), and sunglass Max Mara (worn in above shot). See how much you can discover instantly why they call it Instagram.

Wednesday, I watched Russian  Inna Deriglazova wins individual foil gold, so I thought this is the best time to introduce you to another great Russian girl.

Meet Polina and here is my short interview with her.

Since childhood I was totally obsessed by fashion. I was playing with my Barbie  doll a lot and almost lived at her house, I sewed clothes for her with my Mum and dreamed to become a designer.
I worked as a fashion stylist in Saint-Petersburg. Suddenly photographers started to ask me for shootings as a model. It s always great to feel yourself become someone else during the shooting and be a part of a team. It s very inspirational for me and on the set sometimes I have a feeling that magic happens.
My friends call me Polinuska. It s a nice childish version of my name in Russian. It becomes my model’s name.
Now I live in Paris. I really like this beautiful city. Atmosphere of parks and museums, meeting with new interesting talented people, going out… I like running and dancing.
Now I am going to the ballet class. Very beautiful and strict kind of sport. I also like classic music. Russian and French composers. Now Erik Satie is my favorite)

Follow Polina on her social media, Facebook, and Instagram.

Portrait of #polinuska by Hokusai 🌸💎💚 #shooting #testshoot #beauty

A photo posted by Polinuska (@polina.pavlikova) on

Photo/Style @christianwilmes ❤️🙈😍 #polinuska #christianwilmes #newbalance #russianmodel #wethair

A photo posted by Polinuska (@polina.pavlikova) on

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Meet Model Isabella Sarnoff A Girl I’ve Known Since She Was Born – Road To Rio – Rio 2016

The rediscovery of Isabella Sarnoff came when my best friend her father alerted me that a good friend of his and Isabella, Willie Gault one of the fastest NFL players of all-time and a former Olympian of the U.S. Olympic team that boycotted the 1980 Olympics was coming to Rio.

Willie Ganult has already given me the heads up on who to look out for on the US Olympic team, so you will meet them soon on my blog, and in the meantime meet the little girl who with her sister Lilly used to run around screaming when I would play ‘monster’ for them.

All little girls grow up, Rio 2016 is showing us this in the pool, diving, shooting.

American Olympian Muhammad Ali did not reach his greatness in the boxing ring, it came later after boxing was over.

Isabella Sarnoff starting point is modeling, she is already a TEEN LINE certified suicide specialist at Cedars Sinai hospital, speaks four languages, and is with the modeling agency Wilhelmina.

The road to Rio has been a road of discovery so it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Isabella.

Isabella reminds me a lot of Kate and Rooney Mara, here is her Instagram give the her a follow.


@l.kq @bridgetodonnellmua ~

A photo posted by isabella sarnoff (@isabellasarnoff) on


so over it yea

A photo posted by isabella sarnoff (@isabellasarnoff) on

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Le Tour de France and the discovery of British model Emma Louise

Chris Froome is set to become the first Briton to win three Tour de France titles after safely negotiating a rain-soaked penultimate stage in the Alps. As I go through pictures taken during the day I also go through my social media and it was on my Instagram I find a new follower British model, Emma Louise.

I once found some fashion designers shot a video of them posted it on YouTube and that YouTube clip was seen by the later singer Prince and he made them his designers. My theory thus is rock solid. Discover and share because you never know, that’s the whole point of social media.

The buzz after today’s stage was about a British rider so it was fitting that a new discovery from Britain be shared. So here is British Chris Froome in the rain and Emma Louise on her Instagram.



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