Girls I know who could be Bond girls – James Bond 007


As far James Bond 007 goes I’ve been lucky to have some history with Bond, Sean Connery well did his 50th birthday party on a yacht that’s another blog (coming next), Roger Moore class act who once entered Claridges with a look that said ‘Where do I go” so I escorted him and his companion to their table at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant, Pierce Brosnan well I made a film with him before he became James Bond. The only Bond girl I know Barbara Bach is married to Ringo Starr, till my visit to Mexican Grand Prix. So I thought umm who are some of the girls I know who could be Bond girls? Here are a few there are more but hey surfs up so I got to go. Check them out they are super girls, and give them a follow.

We just getting started , Don't Panic

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Flirting with James Bond 007 Skyfall – Red Carpet

What a ride this has been from the very start of principal photography with James Bond 007 Skyfall.

In particular for me this has been a great flirtation with Bond, as this year marked the first ever fund raising gala held by the Toronto International Film Festival, which honored the 50 years of James Bond 007. James Bond 007 50 year exhibition will also move from London to Toronto at Tiff’s Bell Lightbox. What a thrill it has been.

I ran into some great girls during the Toronto International Film Festival and they have this motto, (‘go with the flow’), and that is just what I did from Abu Dhabi.

After Abu Dhabi, it’s a short hop to India to catch the Indian Grand Prix, and this year will be very special. Abu Dhabi is right smack in the middle of New Delhi, and London. The decisions was easy, yes, hit London bring this entire experience of James Bond 007 one full circle. Go with the flow.

“There is nothing quite like it, but this feels even more special for me than the ones that have gone before,” Craig said of the premiere.

In “Skyfall”, Britain’s foreign intelligence agency MI6 comes under attack, leaving Bond to hunt down the threat.

Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes hands ‘M’ a more prominent role than in recent Bond adventures, giving Dench a chance to develop her testy personal relationship with Craig’s inscrutable 007.

“There was lots more to explore – a continuation of what has been happening to us over several years,” Dench said at the premiere. “I boss him about all the time.”

She said the Bond films remained popular 50 years on because “he (is) just very British” and “a hero that we love”.

James Bond 007 is also a class act, and this was so stated by Tom Ford who said, “James Bond, is our kind of a guy, very classic, and very elegant”.

Heir to the British throne Prince Charles attended the screening, which fittingly took place amid the regal splendour of the Royal Albert Hall.

Critics have declared the 23rd Bond film one of the finest in the British secret agent’s half century on the silver screen.

The prince hailed Bond as “the most famous secret service agent of all time” in a letter included in the screening’s programmes.

The Bond franchise has gone on to become one of the most successful in history, with the 22 films released so far taking more than five billion dollars (3.85 billion euros).

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From Sweden With Love – Styling from Prince to 007

Josefine, sat in a cafe with her laptop open, talking on Skype.
She spoke in Swedish. How did I know? I had been to Sweden many time, had friends living there, flown to Stockholm with American Airlines, connecting through Chicago.

Chicago is where Prince began a series of Chicago concerts Sept. 24 at the United Center in support of Van Jones’ Rebuild the Dream organization.

Rebuild the Dream offers entrepreneurs tools that individuals and communities can use to create a fairer economic future for all.

As Josefine spoke into her headset, I felt I was watching a scene from the film Girl Who Played with Fire directed by Daniel Alfredson and, starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Nyqvist. So I decided to leave. As I walked out of the coffee shop, I paused, and thought. I could walk over to Magpie fashion down the street, see what they where making for Prince, or Andy Allo, as both where heading off to Australia for the Welcome 2 Australia Tour, or I could go back and, wait till she finished her Skype call. I went back in.

When Josefine had gotten off the phone I said to her “so where in Sweden are you from?”, she was stunned,  and yet pleasantly surprised. We became friends.

Josefine who is a student, mathematician, cook, astrologer, and model.

During the summer Josefine was in Sweden visiting family, and I sent her an email. I was going to be helping the Toronto International Film Festival, with their first fund-raising gala.

The gala was based on a James Bond 007 theme (as it was James Bonds 007 50th anniversary), and called ‘Night That Never Ends’.  Having been asked to be the Chair of VIP talent I wanted her to meet with the organizers to be one of the Bond girls.

When Josefine returned from Sweden, she met with the organizers, went to a fitting for the Bond girls.  Josefine was not selected to be a Bond girl.  She was selected to be the girl of Magpie fashion.

When Josefine went in for her fitting,  everyone at Magpie were busy getting outfits ready for Prince, those that he has been rocking on-stage in Chicago.

As the festival opened Josefine sitting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Toronto wearing Magpie, posed for a photograph with a Jarrell guitar.  The girl from Sweden, linked to Prince and Andy Allo not with a thread or fabric, but also a guitar. She had gone, from a coffee shop, to the red-carpet wearing Magpie with one-degree of separation between Prince, Andy Allo and herself.

Magic is real and dreams come true. Now let’s  rock Chicago.

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