Toronto Film Festival, Instagram Launch Digital Shorts Competition But Where Is Formula 1?

There are only a few people who I can say got what I was ever talking about when it came to tech and media.  David Bowie would not only get it he would sprinkle his own flashes of brilliance into the conversation. My attorney in Sweden Rolf Larsson would be miles ahead of me, and my buddy actor, film producer Steven Morana.

Few months ago Steven Morana and I were sitting at Four Seasons Toronto, Dbar talking about where I usually find talent.  I told Steven, “Bro it’s all on Instagram, it is where you find upcoming directors, actors and musicians..”  The was no gap in our conversation Morana was toe to toe with me on these points all of them and had his own take which jived with mine.

I would end up taking this idea  of creating F1 Films to Montreal as we already understood the market and talent to the Canadian Grand Prix the concept being very simple,  thirty to sixty-second films directed by women, fans, emerging directors, and film directors for social media and featured all at The Toronto International Film Festival or on the F1 website, as well as on Instagram.

As I was walking around the paddock I bounced the idea off Damon Hill who I knew is a very creative guy and Hill instantly got it.  Hill added that there should be a panel of judges, and later I would sit down with one official of Formula 1 and she loved the idea especially short films and suggested that F1 Films Awards could be thrown into the mix.

While the cars raced and creative ideas were bounced around the CEO of the Toronto International Film Festival was getting a tour of the paddock.

While nothing so far have moved forward on the F1 Films front as everyone is currently on holidays, the short film concept that Morana and I had spoken about at Dbar in Toronto took shape for 2017 and this year Morana entered his own Insta Short.

In 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, taking notice of the flurry of photos and videos posted to Instagram, had partnered with the Facebook-owned app to launch a digital shorts competition.

The TIFFxInstagram Shorts Festival  has established filmmakers from around the globe invited to upload original 60-seconds-or-fewer film shorts, using Instagram. TIFF programmers will select 30 finalists to be showcased on the film festival’s website and an Instagram channel in August before a six-person jury selects a Judge’s Choice award winner. This concept was the turn-key idea also presented by myself to few at Formula 1 as the possibilities of stories are endless.

This years jury is as follows , TIFFxInstagram Shorts Festival Jury. 

Check out the jury on their Instagram, Lake Bell , Isabelle Huppert,  John C Jay , Karan Johar, Ashton Sanders 

“Our collaboration with Instagram is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the work of filmmakers from all over the world and discover up-and-coming talent through the world’s largest creative digital

CEO Piers Handling followed by Alexander Mea owner of Carbon Champagne Official champagne of Formula 1

community, showcased by the world’s largest public film festival,” TIFF director and CEO Piers Handling said Wednesday in a statement.

Awards for the inaugural TIFFxInstagram Shorts Festival will be announced on Aug. 18.

Check out my buddies Instagram film entered in the TIFFxInstagram Shorts.

When the date is going well, but your past catches up with you… “The Professionals” is my submission to the #TIFFxInstagram Shorts Festival and my directorial debut! @tiff_net . #shortfilm . #theprofessionals . . . . CAST @stevenmorana ..JAKE . @makenziesmith ..STEF. @tazito.garcia ..Q . @oliveskinbeauty ..ZEL . @paulloduca ..GUS . @rob_ianni_comedy ..VIN . @n.i.m.a.93 ..SERG . . . . FILMMAKERS & CREW Producer:@stevenmorana Director: @stevenmorana evenmorana Writer: @stevenmorana Cinematographer: @justin_arjune Editor: @justinarjune Camera Operator: Camera Operator: @sidgrover_ Gaffer: @yuliavizelphotography Song: “Boys’ll B Boys” By: @safakash Production Sound Mixer: Randy Resh Boom Operator : Toby Hindel Make Up Artist: @liv.tsai Stunt Coordinator: @tazito.garcia Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer: @david_morana

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Formula 1 Experiences – How to get your tickets to go ZOOM ZOOM and enjoy The F1 Experience

In the old days someone wanted to keep things pretty exclusive. However now with Liberty Media and Sean Bratches managing director of commercial operations at F1 with sports event partner QuintEvents you can get up close and personal.

Here is the link to all the F1 Experiences you can enjoy. F1 Experience.

“We want people to experience the thrill of this exhilarating sport and that is what the F1 Experience program will deliver.” – Sean Bratches

Now if you looking for something other that the above well call me.


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The Years With Bernie Ecclestone were of fun and fuel – Now Time For New Ideas in Formula One

The Iconic image above was shot by Terry O’Neil who broke a band called The Rolling Stones with a photograph spent time with David Bowie, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, my man Frank Sinatra and a number of other super stars just having fun taking pictures.

I truly don’t know anyone who knows as many people in the world like Terry O’Neil other than Bernie Ecclestone.  I’ll never forget a telephone conversation in Italy arranging a pass for myself telling Bernie, “Bernie I was with the Aga Khan earlier”, to which Bernie responded, “He just left the paddock few minutes ago.”

My history with Bernie Ecclestone goes back to the days in Toronto when I was just in my teens and the CEO of Labatt Sid Oland gave me a blank cheque-book.  Both Sid and I had a passion for racing, and growing up if you lived in Toronto in those days you would drink Labatt Blue.  So how do we sell more beer, there are so many ways but then what is more fun then putting your name on a few drivers and a racing team.  Thus began this long relationship with Bernie Ecclestone.

These were the years when race car driver would tell the hot girl sitting with them they would have to vacate the seat in an hour so another model like hot girl could replace them.  The years, when if I say anyone with a girl who resembled the girl from the last race one would never say, “nice to meet you again,” as mostly likely this was a different girl. So no room for ‘oops’.

During this time Bernie was busy, he would return your call always. While some would send him lengthy emails about business ideas, if the email was not a few lines it was already too long, and with Bernie Ecclestone it was simply better to pick up the phone and call.

What Bernie was building was one of the greatest sporting event superseded only by The Olympics and The World Cup.  Now ask yourself what were you doing? 1478773151747

I first met Ross Brawn in Mexico City, I was standing in the pits when Nigel Mansell ahead of his teammate Riccardo Patrese, both Labatt’s sponsored  finished one and two with Michael Schumacher achieving his first podium in a car designed by Ross Brawn.  Michael Schumacher would go on to a total of 155 podiums.  It was the day a star was born in Formula One.

While Bernie never got Americans, the sport really did need Americans to take it to the next level.  Here are some of my ideas I’ll be pitching.

Building a new street track in Florida and I would like to see it on the water in Jacksonville incorporated into the mix below.  Here one could parlay a relationship with NFL into a new fan base.

Creating F1 Films, such as ESPN Films, and NFL Films, where young film directors could come make sixty-seconds films for YouTube.

As Liberty media owns forty-percent of Live Nation to tap into artists on tour and put them in the paddock and pits only if they are engaging using their social media

Robin Morgan who bought the photo archive of Terry O’Neil and owns Iconic Images has for years been telling Bernie that Formula One has so much content that has not been exploited and so much can be done with this content.

The F1 On Tour, would use such content of stills and moving images to create an exhibit such as David Bowie Is that would tour and immerse its fans in a dazzling digital world of sound, and music.

Yet the most important of all, for god’s sake get a woman racing, anyone seen the Women’s March? like ‘hello’ talk about a fan base that has not yet been tapped.

Time to rock and roll.  Bernie it would not be anything without all your work, living, breathing, dealing Formula One.

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Nico Rosberg Retires From Formula One With Class as a World Champion

For many years my tag line has been that ‘Magic is real and dreams come true’. Mr. Nico Rosberg World Champion 2016 has accomplished his dream and leaves while on top of the world, and for everyone this his how you do things when you have class.

In his own words from a great guy Nico Rosberg.


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Max Verstappen Is Future World Champion and He Is Not Gonna Take S**T From Anyone – Belgium Grand Prix F1

I used to sponsor racing teams and race car drivers.  Once a race car driver I had sponsored John Graham (who also drove for Paul Newman) at the first Indy car race in Toronto came to me and said, “I’m gonna keep the car safe a try a podium third place”.  When I heard these words I flew off the handle, I was just dropping $250,000 and this guy never once said I am gonna go out and try to win this.

To me racing is a game of life and death, not to be reckless but go out and let people know you are there to win full stop.  Yes, you could die doing it, but it’s why you do it.  I never sponsored John ever again.

Much later to sponsor a racing team of former Ferrari F1 driver (Little Lief) Stefan Johansson , his team, him personally (because the Swede Stefan is just so talented ) during a race in Le Mans, and a driver Ryan Hunter-Reay.

In F1, through Labatt Breweries of Canada, several world champion drivers, Canadian Gilles Villeneuve, Nigel Mansell, and Damon Hill.  I may have one eye but I can spot a driver who has what it takes and to me Max Verstappen has what it takes and he is not taking any s**t from anyone.

The main talking point that came from Belgium Grand Prix was about Max Verstappen’s aggressive driving style, as they say in Hollywood, who gives a f**k what anyone says about you at least they are talking about you. I read the tweets, people calling him an idiot and you know what grow up and welcome to the world of racing.

“I think they should be ashamed to cause a crash like that with their amount of experience and then complain to me” – Max Verstrappen about Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel. 

Max would later explain, “on the video you can clearly see when Vettel turns in, he drives into Raikkonen and then Kimi’s car bumps into mine… I’m not gonna say come on through.”  Now this is a kid I love, I’ve just seen lot of young upstarts at their first Olympics in Rio give it there all and take gold, and Max is one of my new favorite drivers, and if anyone else can’t take the heat, well you know what comes next.



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