David Bowie ‘Sue’ (or In The Season of Crime) Video and Lyrics

Lyrics ‘Sue’

I’ve got the job
We’ll buy the house
You’ll need to rest
But now we’ll make it

The clinic called
The x-ray’s fine
I brought you home
I just said home(?)

Sue you said you want it written
Sue, the virgin on your stone
For your grave

Why too dark to speak the words
For I know that you have a son
Oh, folly, Sue

Ride the train, I’m far from home
In a season of crime none need atone
I’ve kissed your face

Sue, I’ve pushed you down beneath the weeds(?)
Endless fate in hopeless deeds
I kissed your face
I touched your face

Sue, goodbye

Sue, I found your note
That you wrote last night
It can’t be right
You went with him
Sue, I never dreamed
I’m such a fool
Right from the start
You went with that clown

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