Chef Ragnar Eiriksson of DILL restaurant in Reykjavik through the lens of David Bowie Film photographer Vivian Lynch

Love him David Bowie and love his music – chef Ragnar Eiriksson


The acclaimed Icelandic chef Gunnar Gíslason’s award-winning Dill restaurant in Reykjavik was recently visited by Vivian Lynch the official photographer of the film David Bowie Is Around The World.  Here she captured chef Ragner Eiriksson and got the scoop of what’s going on at this hot spot and with its owner chef Gunnar Gíslason.

Firstly chef  Gunnar Gíslason is relocating to New York City,  to team up with Danish food entrepreneur Claus Meyer to launch a Nordic fare the first such venture by Gíslason and Meyer.  As the fame of Dill restaurant goes far beyond Iceland if you are not planing to make it to Iceland then the New York spot will be the ‘it’ spot and that will make David Bowie, Iman, Taylor Swift and lovers of food very happy.

But what of Dill in Reykjavik you ask? It will continue to serve its highly creative, savory and esthetically pleasing dishes. As current sous chef Ragnar Eiríksson  who is a life long David Bowie fan! “Love him, and love his music” said the soft spoken, talented chef from South Iceland.

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