Lana Del Rey ‘Blue Jeans’ and a sandwich

Lana Del Rey is wearing little more than a white one-piece bathing suit, the 25-year-old is seen floating in a swimming pool filled with alligators who were kept at bay with the amazing Lana Del Rey sandwich.
Blue Jeans is taken from Del Rey’s critically-acclaimed first album Born to Die.
With fingers in her mouth you know he’s been feeding her the sandwich. The Lana Del Rey sandwich.

Newly released, the accompanying short for her song “Blue Jeans” sees Del Ray instead in a classic one-piece bathing suit, flashing her patented blend of emotionless allure as she devotes her heart to — and then laments the breakup with — a pursuant swimmer, played by Bradley Soileau. He also starred in Del Ray’s video for “Born to Die.”
Black and white and pulling focus throughout, the video rocks like a boat floating on a calm sea, better to peer deeply into Del Ray’s unblinking eyes.
It’s certainly a less provocative imagery than the single cover art for “Blue Jeans,” which features a man’s hand around her neck.
The video comes ahead of Del Ray’s appearance on the March 22nd American Idol.

Lana Del Rey comes from a land where magic is real and dreams come true.

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Do you wanna Lana Madonna? – Mulberry !

As Madonna announced her world tour the 25 year old Lana Del Rey has been having her own whirlwind few months. I said it earlier this girl can’t sing, and I would not be pushing her to do any live performances whatsoever. Having said this I have always stated she is a model and can and could be a super-star on the silver screen of Hollywood. If she has to sing let it be on screen.

While other’s may call her a star excuse me I am not so liberal with that word and she no where close to being a star, so let’s just say that Lana Del Rey took her spot in front row at the Mulberry London Fashion Week show today next to Michelle Williams and Elizabeth Olsen at my favorite spot in London Claridge’s.

The 25-year-old Born To Die singer held her bespoke Mulberry Del Ray bag in White Ostrich on her lap as she watched the catwalk in the Ballroom at Claridge’s Hotel.

So what’s up next? I can tell you because you will see it right here on My Name is Khan, that sandwich, the Del Rey and let me tell you your gonna love taking a bite of the Del Rey, it’s just going to be like Lana herself, tasty.

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Mulberry provided the magic in the land where magic is real and dreams come true. Fashion, London Fashion Week at Claridge’s.

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