Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 15 Years With L’Oréal Shares A New Song From Her Film Sarbjit – Cannes 2016

Walking the red carpet for 15 years at Cannes is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and her upcoming film Sarbjit is a Indian biographical drama film directed by Omung Kumar. The film stars Aishwarya and Randeep Hooda in lead roles, with Richa Chadha and Darshan Kumaar  in supporting roles.

Get ready for the party tonight in Cannes and on the red carpet and here as shared by Aishwarya are is a song from the film Sarbjit via fan Instagram in 3 parts.

After Introducing Aishwarya a few words from her on Cannes and L’Oréal, sound player in the shade of the lipstick.

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{ NEW } Song from #sarbjit #rabba . .. part [ 1 ] . . . اغنية جديدة من فيلم ساربجيت بعنوان #rabba .. الجزء [ 1 ] . . . ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ #aishwaryaraibachchan #aishwaryarai #aishwarya #aishwaryaraibachan #aishwaryaraiforever #sarbjit #cannes2016 #lorealcannes2016 #lorealparis #cannesfilmfestival #Queenofcannes #queenofbollywood #bollywoodactress #missworld #Aish #sarbjitmovie #ash #Teamaishwaryarab #bollywoodstyle __ #15YrsOfAishwaryaAtCannes __ #ساربجيت #ايشواريا #أيشواريا #ايشواريا_راي #ايشواريا_راي_باتشان #اشواريا #اشواريا_راي #اشواريا_راي_باتشان #بوليود .

A video posted by AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN 👑 (@aishwaryarai_arabfc) on


{ NEW } Song from #sarbjit #rabba . .. part [ 2 ] . . . اغنية جديدة من فيلم ساربجيت بعنوان #rabba .. الجزء [ 2 ] . . . ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ #aishwaryaraibachchan #aishwaryarai #aishwarya #aishwaryaraibachan #aishwaryaraiforever #sarbjit #cannes2016 #lorealcannes2016 #lorealparis #cannesfilmfestival #Queenofcannes #queenofbollywood #bollywoodactress #missworld #Aish #sarbjitmovie #ash #Teamaishwaryarab #bollywoodstyle __ #15YrsOfAishwaryaAtCannes __ #ساربجيت #ايشواريا #أيشواريا #ايشواريا_راي #ايشواريا_راي_باتشان #اشواريا #اشواريا_راي #اشواريا_راي_باتشان #بوليود .

A video posted by AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN 👑 (@aishwaryarai_arabfc) on

{ NEW } Song from #sarbjit #rabba . .. part [ 3 ] . . . اغنية جديدة من فيلم ساربجيت بعنوان #rabba .. الجزء [ 3 ] . . . ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ ・・・ #aishwaryaraibachchan #aishwaryarai #aishwarya #aishwaryaraibachan #aishwaryaraiforever #sarbjit #cannes2016 #lorealcannes2016 #lorealparis #cannesfilmfestival #Queenofcannes #queenofbollywood #bollywoodactress #missworld #Aish #sarbjitmovie #ash #Teamaishwaryarab #bollywoodstyle __ #15YrsOfAishwaryaAtCannes __ #ساربجيت #ايشواريا #أيشواريا #ايشواريا_راي #ايشواريا_راي_باتشان #اشواريا #اشواريا_راي #اشواريا_راي_باتشان #بوليود .

A video posted by AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN 👑 (@aishwaryarai_arabfc) on

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First Lady Michelle Obama ‘Let Girls Learn’ SXSW and Momina Mustehsan A Great Example

“When my parents said it was okay for me to do a couple of music projects without getting too involved, and told me that I had their support and how I needed to ignore what others might say about things that I knew were right. But because there was a “can’t get too involved” clause there, they bought me my own studio equipment that I have set-up in my dorm room, so I don’t go to studios for recordings. So most of the stuff I do is over the internet…Pi Jaun was made by a dear friend, Saad Sultan, over a Skype session. I added a bridge melody and wrote some lines for the song. Farhan came on board later on … Pi Jaoun. Took me around 20 minutes to write/compose my part, and another 10-20 to record it. Literally!” – Momina Mustehsan

First Lady of The United States Michelle Obama will be the keynote speaker at SXSW music talking about her ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative.

There is perhaps no better example I can introduce you to than a Pakistani girl who has a passion for music, yet it is not her career because she choose to major in bio-medical engineering, please meet Momina Mustehsan.

“It is very cutting edge, and basically teaches you that you can control or alter almost any natural biological thing/process. And also, you walk out as a professional engineer.”

At SXSW, technology, film and music all go hand-in-hand.  As President Obama said last week that he wants to bring everyone into the digital world.  Today so many girls, boys, do not have access to the internet let alone Wifi. Momina, again set a great example when you can study and embrace your passion in her case music, and be able to compose over Skype.

“I like taking somewhat of a backseat when it comes to professional music also because our society is such … we are always looking for opportunities to pick on women in this field and even in general.”

While the YouTube video’s such as her duet with singer Farhan Saeed, Pi Jaun (note in Bollywood singers are playback singers who actually sing but are not on the screen), and her Bollywood song Awari , where some time ago.  Currently she is working on music, doing her studies in New York City, and she is looking forward to work on a future yet undisclosed Pakistani project.

It is amazing what can happen when one has opportunities, so please support the Let Girls Learn initiative and if a girl wants to be a legend, let her be one.

The First Lady will participate in a discussion with panelists Grammy winner and Oscar nominee Diane Warren, Grammy winner Missy Elliott, Grammy winner Queen Latifah, and actress and activist Sophia Bush about finding one’s passion and acting on it. MAKERS is taking action with the First Lady and Let Girls Learn for this special announcement.

Tune in here on on Wednesday at 9:30am PST/10:30am CST/12:30pm EST to watch the First Lady LIVE from the Austin Convention Center.

Ek Villain Bollywood  film version of the song Awari, required the services of a female vocalist and this found its way to randomly to Momina.

“I was approached by Soch and they wanted me to feature on their track without disclosing what it was for, and then, Awari happened”.

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TIFF 2013 – Lisa Ray At TIFF Gala Indian Cinema 100

Lisa Ray The first time I saw Lisa Ray in a film was in film directed by Deepa Mehta and written by Anurag Kashyap called ‘Water’. I watched it with a Mexican actress Bárbara Mori Ochoa who herself had been in an Indian film ‘Kites’. After watching the film I was torn between the two women, Lisa Ray or Bárbara Mori, the subject of the film causing both Bárbara and I to hit the bottle of tequila (Don Julio) of which I had several cases thanks to Seagrams (now defunct) thanks to Edgar Bronfam Jr.’s (how to loose a family fortune by going into the movie business).

Toronto International Film Festival’s gala of 2012 ‘The Night That Never End’ recently won for the event company of Jocelyn Flanagan, Best Entertainment Production – Esprit Awards (International special event society) . You can check it out below some of what it looked like.

Canadian Lisa Ray is a well known actress, model, host, activist and cancer graduate who was raised in Toronto by an Indian father and Polish mother. It is her love of food and exposure to cuisine all over the world that brought her to this exciting role as host of Top Chef Canada. An iconic figure in India – where she started her career at 16 – and abroad, Ray is a successful cover model and award-winning actress. With starring roles in Bollywood Hollywood and Oscar nominated Water to name a few, Ray has achieved international success, appearing in more than 27 film and television titles. Her hosting experience spans her own entertainment show in India, to hosting India’s popular series OMG (Oh My Gold) on TLC, and hosting award shows such as The Genies and The Giller Prize amongst others. She has also been featured in Hello! Magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the Country and on the cover of People Magazine.

So what is the team of Deepa Mehta, Warren Spitz, and Jocelyn Flanagan up to this year. It’s just going to be one more notch above last year, and the red carpet is certainly going to be all glam with Lisa Ray. September 7, 2013, corner of University and Queen Street, at Four Seasons Center, get your smartphone ready.

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TIFF 2013 – How I Got My Oscar – 100 Years Of Indian Cinema

Ismail, Ruth, James Rain was pouring down in Manhattan flooding the streets. President Ronald Reagan was in town to meet Mikhail Gorbachev, if you live in Manhattan then you know what this means, the city was impossible to navigate. Flights had been delayed or cancelled I was walking the streets with film producer Ismail Merchant from a meeting, principal photography was to commence the next day on ‘Slaves of New York’ based on a novel by Tama Janowitz. New York did not have one decent hotel room left and I was not about to settle with one with less then four stars. Ismail Merchant assured me in his very confident manner not to worry, the trio Ismail, Ruth, James, team of filmmakers 30 years and entered the Guinness Book of Records as the film world’s longest, each had an apartment in the same building in Manhattan. Ruth was not in town and I was to sleep in her apartment commanded Merchant.

As I walked into Ruth’s apartment, it was as if I had walked into those detox spas where you pay $1,000. a day and all that is in your room is a bed. Ruth’s apartment had the bed, a table, chair, her window had a view of Warren Beaty’s (the dude who had slept with every women in Hollywood), sister’s flat Shirley MacLean and her crystal collection.

The austere flat did have some glitter, you could not miss it, it was staring at me. It was gold. A statue. It was an Oscar. I picked it up, it was heavy, and read ‘Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’ Oscar for her script an adaptation ofEM Forster’s novel RoomIsmail, Ruth, James with a View (1986). Naturally I walked around the apartment holding the Oscar giving speeches in my head, or in front of the mirror, eventually taking it to bed. This was not just an Oscar, it was awarded to the only person to have won the Booker and at the Oscar. Ruth was responsible for the screenplays of such classics as Howards End, Room with a View and Remains of the Day. She won a second Oscar for her adaptation of Forster’s Howards End (1992), which was brought to the screen at her insistence. In 1990 she won the Best Screenplay Award from the New York Film Critics’ Circle for her adaptation of Evan Connell’s Mr and Mrs Bridge. To have Paul Newman in Mr. and Mrs Bridge a film that was partly filmed in Toronto required that I do a few laps around Queens Park with him prior to his Gala at The Toronto International Film Festival The Glass Menagerie.

Ruth died this year and her contribution to 100 Years of Indian Cinema can not go without notice. 100 Years of Indian Cinema this years TIFF Gala is not just about Bollywood.

This year my friend Warren Spitz, the high-rolling TIFF board member who put the festival into the big-money charity race with its initial gala last year, has recruited Deepa Mehta to ensure that this year’s event will be a memorable one. It’s set for Saturday, Sept. 7, at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. Spitz and a great lady Jennifer Tory, the co-chairs, act as executive producers and take charge of selling tables at $25,000 a shot. If you want tickets you can get those as well that will run you $2,500. a

As for Mehta she has recruited Rashmi Varma to do the costumes and Tamara Deverell to be the production designer. At a pre-dinner reception, with entertainment designed by writer Devyani Saltzman (Mehta’s daughter), emcees Anita Majumdar and Zaib Shaikh (both cast members of Mehta’s movie Midnight’s Children) will guide guests through a few of India’s landmark films over the past century projected in the lobby of the Four Seasons Centre.

After the reception, guests will be ushered through the auditorium to the stage of the opera house, where tables will be set for dinner. That’s when the live entertainment will go on. As for the food, Mehta was determined not to serve guests anything less than great Indian cuisine by chef Vikram Vij.

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, I will miss you at Toronto International Film Festival Gala, but you will be in my heart and you will be saluted for you enormous, brilliance and contribution to Indian Cinema.

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