Two Scottish Dudes I Discovered Accidentally – Sam Heughan ‘Outlander’ and Scott Orr ‘Model’ Clooney of Scotland

Is there really such a thing as by accident.  I walked on the set of the film I was co-executive producer in the blazing heat of the Egyptian desert and watched Sam Heughan work.  I would later walk up to him and tell him “Sam you need to come to LA, you are gonna be a big star”.

Recently while I was in Shanghai for Victoria Secret Fashion Show, a friend Cindy Mckendry a stylist  drew my attention to  Scott Orr who went from working on oil rigs and at the age of 47 and started to model.  The Scottish media coined him “Clooney of Scotland” to which Scott responds,

“Well as you can imagine does no harm at all having that kind comparison . I really don’t mind , the ladies seem to see the likeness at times ,so am not complaining.. I admire him as an actor and an individual. “
The film Young Alexander has yet to be released but due to this trailer and because Sam Heughan became a big star in ‘Outlander’ many are dying to see the film no matter how bad the trailer looks.

Sam while not only doing lot of press for ‘Outlander’ has also launched his own fashion collobration with Barbour.

While I can’t say more about the film Young Alexander I have this feeling it will become a cult film and will tour the worlds film festivals playing at midnight. Why not after all the girl who also put in a lot of work during those hot days and long hours of filming in Egypt is Lauren Cohan who ended up as Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead.



You just never know where you start and where you end up, and that leads us to the Scottish man, model Scott Orr.



Now if you think how can a guy from offshore oil rig drilling to modeling? then let me tell you it’s not that big a leap.  My friend Shekhar Kapur went from being an accountant to underwear model to directing a film called Elizabeth. 

So now we have Scott giving it a go, and he is off to a roaring start, just check out his Instagram.  

Recently Scott was in  Northern Ireland modelling at the Homage Charity Fashion Show at the iconic Old Bushmills Whiskey Distillery.  He had been on a  holiday in South West France where he would run into Cindy McKendry ( the same lady who brought Scott to my attention ), who organized Homage.   Once Scott told her he had signed a modeling contract in Scotland, Cindy invited him over to model at the Homage show.  Cindy also organized the Homage Charity Auction and networked Scott with the amazing photographer Catherine MacKenzie for a photo shoot styled by Cindy.

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