Meet Canadian Model Rachelle Who Can Talk Football With Owner of Jacksonville Jaguars and In This Podcast How She Started Modeling

It is Superbowl weekend and this podcast with Canadian model Rachelle Denison will inspire you.

Rachelle talked football with Shad Khan and she told Shad she is going with the Atlanta Falcons and he said that would actually be good for the NFL overall.

Now that you met a Canadian model, below is the T-mobile commercial of another Canadian Justin Bieber.

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Podcast That Will Inspire you with model Rachelle Denison

Just go with the flow do what you love and don’t ever give up – Rachelle Denison

Model Rachelle Denison will inspire you. I am sure she will inspire you as she did me.

In my podcast with Rachelle I said “We” messed but there was no “we”, it was all me who messed up and somehow lost our first podcast and when you know someone could be a superstar is when you have to do a retake as I had to do and Rachelle put in the same amount of energy.

A fact that I missed in my podcast, was that Rachelle could have been a competitive soccer player should have jumped all over that but as Rachelle said that’s another story so maybe look for follow up with Rachelle. This girl is going places so follow her please on her Instagram and her very newly set up Twitter account.

What was it like at the podcast with Rachelle at The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, Dbar? It started on a cold day with hot chocolate and whip cream and Rachelle just had to have some. Check out the short clip from the podcast. Surprise on! I've kept this very 'hush hush' because I wanted to wait until it was ready to share it with you guys but my very first podcast experience with @hollywoodkhan was AMAZING. He and the staff at the @fourseasons Toronto made me feel so welcomed and comfortable right from the beginning. We touch on some issues that are very close to my heart and as scary as this is to share, this is a little bit of me…goofy, happy and motivated 🙂 As mentioned in the podcast, DM me if you have any questions 🙂 ❤️ Thank you again @hollywoodkhan Timothy Khan for your kindness and motivational talks! I am so glad you stopped us in the street that day! 💕 . . . . . . . . #fate #destiny #podcast #model #canadian #fourseasons #hotel #motivation #inspiration #work #workhard #neverstop #passion #dream #justdoit #onestepatatime #love #joy #passion #fitness #inspire #payitforward #blogger #fashion #fashionblogger #life #real #toronto

A photo posted by Rachelle Denison (@rachelle_denison) on

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Mitch Wolfe Author of ‘TRUMP How He Captured The Trump White House’ talks about Cabinet Picks – PODCAST

Donald Trump cabinet picks are not to everyone’s liking and through the Donald Trump tenure as President of the United States, I will be sitting down a great deal with writer Mitch Wolfe of the book “Trump How He Captured The Trump White House, to talk about what is going on in the White House of Donald Trump, or in this case at Trump Towers.

Follow Mitch Wolfe on Twitter and you can get his book on Amazon.

You can listen to my podcasts below or you can download them.

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TRUMP WHITE HOUSE with the author Mitch Wolfe Podcast 001

Writer Mitch Wolfe some months ago began to observe a pattern, and he began to write how Donald Trump was going to take the White House.  In this podcast you will meet Mitch Wolfe, and hear where he is coming from, what he noticed that all the big shots CNN, Polls missed.

As Mitch was writing he met a publisher and they got together and published the book Trump How He Captured The Trump White House.  You can order the book online or via Amazon just hit this link and read away.

Mitch will join me for podcast 002 when we talk about the picks for the White House, so follow Mitch on his twitter for updates and my podcasts.

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