Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Paris Tonight on CBS Meet Model Rachelle Denison

The motto of this story is always keep your eyes open for what is around you as you never know what you will discover.

Discovering Rachelle was all about making a U-turn. While on my way to Paris for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show taping I walked right past Rachelle doing a photo shoot. Having passed her I thought to myself come on Tim, lets check out what’s up and turned around. What I found was a pleasant surprise.
I instantly knew Rachelle had it when she discovered she had no pockets in her blazer and decided instead to hold on to the jacket for effect.

Learn more about Rachelle her thoughts on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show later this week on my upcoming podcast.

Give Rachelle a follow and tune in to CBS at 10pm EST for the gig from Paris.


Take me away. #photo by @ikomaramo #photoshoot @elitetoronto #model #beach #freedom #peace #beauty

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