Meet Model Isabella Sarnoff A Girl I’ve Known Since She Was Born – Road To Rio – Rio 2016

The rediscovery of Isabella Sarnoff came when my best friend her father alerted me that a good friend of his and Isabella, Willie Gault one of the fastest NFL players of all-time and a former Olympian of the U.S. Olympic team that boycotted the 1980 Olympics was coming to Rio.

Willie Ganult has already given me the heads up on who to look out for on the US Olympic team, so you will meet them soon on my blog, and in the meantime meet the little girl who with her sister Lilly used to run around screaming when I would play ‘monster’ for them.

All little girls grow up, Rio 2016 is showing us this in the pool, diving, shooting.

American Olympian Muhammad Ali did not reach his greatness in the boxing ring, it came later after boxing was over.

Isabella Sarnoff starting point is modeling, she is already a TEEN LINE certified suicide specialist at Cedars Sinai hospital, speaks four languages, and is with the modeling agency Wilhelmina.

The road to Rio has been a road of discovery so it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Isabella.

Isabella reminds me a lot of Kate and Rooney Mara, here is her Instagram give the her a follow.


@l.kq @bridgetodonnellmua ~

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so over it yea

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