Michael Phelps winning his record-extending 19th gold medal – Rio 2016

In 2008, the U.S. men’s 4-by-100 freestyle relay team came back to beat France in one of the best races in the history of Olympic swimming. Four years later, the French got their revenge, beating the Americans for gold. The zig-zag continued on Sunday night, with the U.S. reclaiming the 4-by-100 title, and Michael Phelps winning his record-extending 19th gold medal. That 2008 relay win was notable for Phelps’ exuberant, bemuscled celebration after Jason Lezak’s anchor leg brought the U.S. back for a remarkable comeback victory.

Michael Phelps, who lived in his own bubble for the last 15 years has truly become a team player, he carried the flag into the stadium something he would have never done in the past, he has had his own problems but he has met them head on and her it is when all the work you do training and on yourself comes together in an amazing race.


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