KOJAWAN Bar, Restaurant and Art Gallery It’s Like Life On Mars and Purple Rain

Something amazing has just landed in the UK from another planet, right in the heart of London, near Park Lane. It’s called KOJAWAN. It’s a bar, restaurant and art gallery so unique that it’s hard to describe. Imagine if David Bowie and Stanley Kubrick got together with a few of their mates from Hollywood and decided to create the ultimate show: “Life on Mars remix 2016” but this time staged in an Asian metropolis.

This show goes on everyday from the rooftop of the Hilton Metropole, in a spectacular space serving wacky cocktails and delicious food by top chefs Bjorn van der Horst and Omar Romero. KOJAWAN is filled with cool pop art from Tokyo, Seoul, LA, NYC and even Toronto from fellow Canadian Sean Danconia.


The spectacular interiors have been conceived, designed and curated by London-based artist and designer Henry Chebaane into a retro-futuristic universe: a deliberate hybrid of genres, showing urban Asia like never before: part science fiction film set, part real-life pop music video evoking a kind of Andy Warhol’s’ silver factory for the 21st century.

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