The Peasant Table A Night Before The State Dinner At The White House For Canadian PM

Night before going to a State Dinner for the Canadian Prime minister a first in nineteen years, The Peasant Table was the perfect spot to go chill with friends and owner Boris Babić, chef  Lukas Vyhnal and bartender Sarah .



When you are in your hometown for a few days it’s always a good idea visit all your friends and most of mine in Toronto own, or are chefs in some cool spots in Toronto.  The Peasant Table was a good call, casual, chill, easy-going, great drinks, warm vibe which was perfect before departing to Washington DC for the State Dinner for Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau.  Casual before black tie with great food is the way to go.


The chef started us out with a great starter dish and it is perfect with wine, cocktail or beer, it’s the house dish, Cod  dunked in squid-ink batter and quickly fried, then served with a smoked paprika aïoli, This was awesome.  Light, full of flavor, but then that is what is to be expected from chef Lukas.

As my friend Lauren started to share some stores about Justin Trudeau’s dad, the chef sprang on us another delight, burrata with red wine–poached pears and crispy prosciutto splashed with vincotto and honeyed truffle oil, with really taste toasted bread.  Meanwhile Sarah working at the bar, served up some whiskey blended cocktails which went down too smoothly.

The Peasant Table and everyone there makes you feel like you are sitting at a kitchen table at home, and it is a home away from home.

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