Cara Delevingne “If we don’t save our oceans we all die” – Project 0

I’ve had been diving in Belize and each time I am left speechless by the beauty of our oceans. This is after all the second biggest barrier reef in the world.  It is also the land where once lived the most advanced civilizations the Mayan’s .  There is much debate how this civilization just vanished from the face of the earth, and Cara is right it could also happen to all humankind if we don’t do something about our oceans, or as she said this is a blue planet.



My friend who randomly brought me down to Belize ask’s me what I want to really do?  I tell him that I had just been in Toronto documenting the fans of Justin Bieber, and what I really like about fans of Bieber, Once Direction, Taylor Swift, to name a few they have no ‘hate’, and that I truly believe that this collective force can be the “Force” (pun intended) that can change the world.  My vision would be to create a nature resort where these fans can come and discover the beauty of nature, and the ocean what wonders they can discover and use their social media to spread the word. If anyone can make this happen my friend who will remain nameless can make it happen.

As I had been in a tropo-zen mood, I had not really posted anything on Instagram, Facebook, or for that matter Tweeted anything, and decided after the conversation with my friend to checkup what’s up on my Facebook. There in front of me BAM! was a post by another buddy of mine TY Wood, a post about the fundraiser in London at SCALA club, about saving the oceans by Project O.  This to me was just unreal, it was a number of bands who got together to do something really great, it was also Live Streamed and I ran around telling everyone I could and then arranged to have everyone that was with me diving watch the entire night from London the same night that Star Wars The Force Awakens was Premiering in London.

Bernard Fowler, gave it up straight up at the gig ” We have star after star on stage tonight”. Here are few of the tweets, and some of the shots from the dives using a GoPro please during your holidays support Project O and lets all team up to save this amazing planet and ourselves.

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Ty Woods who is one of the ambassadors of Project O also had his dad come out to support this fundraiser.



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