São Paulo Fashion Week today Gisele Bündchen discovered at 14 retires from the catwalk at 34

Gisele at 15


Gisele Bündchen commands the shock value of a close encounter with a giraffe: you can hardly believe an earthly creature is built this way.  Yes, there are a lot of young models out there born in the Twitter age, but they are not Gisele.  Anyone you talk to photographers, to designers, they all will tell you it’s her body it’s just amazing.

Everything about her is so elongated and slender—those impossibly attenuated limbs! the swanlike neck!—that she seems almost preposterous, like a cartoon figure. Nearly six feet tall by the age of 13, she spent her childhood being teased by classmates who called her Olive Oyl.  She just wanted to play volleyball, when she was scouted and they asked her to come try it out she just laughed.

Since then, the tanned, athletic Brazilian beach babe who seemed born to wear a bikini has become the world’s most successful supermodel, amassing a fortune estimated at $150 million; last year alone, according to Forbes, Gisele earned $35 million. The 16th-richest woman in the entertainment industry, she has been featured on more magazine covers than any other model and has appeared as the face of more than 20 brands internationally, with current contracts including Dior, Versace, Max Factor, Ebel watches, and the Dolce & Gabbana fragrance The One.

Then there comes a time, when in the case of Gisele, your body speaks to you (any you should always listen to your body any coach will tell you) saying stop! . Gisele did what anyone who respects their body, she will stop with her last catwalk tonight in Sao Paulo at 20:30 for Colcci.


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