David Bowie Film discovery the band The Modern Electric – they rock!

The Interview


The Modern Electric is a band that you just gotta love.   Compelled by heartbreak and the power of cinema, they began writing songs to the ones they love while still in high school.

Simply put, this is not a band interested in the trendy sounds of the year.  Like a favorite mixtape, the band’s timeless sound transitions from heart-felt acoustic ballads to hook-driven pop symphonies all while maintaining a signature, melodic focus.

Garrett Komyati (lead vocals/piano/guitar), Matthew Childers (bass/drums), Holden Laurence (guitar), and Michael O’Brien (drums) treat each passionate performance as if it may be the last; sweeping audiences away with their arena-ready epics.

Some time ago I followed the band The Lumineers, so when I caught the band's video 'The Modern Electric - David Bowie Save Us All (Redux) Official Music Video' which starts with a mention about The Lumineers I went no way.  Then I watched their video and it had been right after my time with the band Bastille and I could not belive this video and the sound, and the details.  Now I had to know more, after all that is my mission to bring attention to such talent through the David Bowie Film.  So here is what they had to say about their video below.

1. When did you get influenced by the art and music of Bowie?
I used to listen to a handful of the most popular Bowie songs like “Ziggy Stardust” and “Space Oddity” when I was a kid. It wasn’t until after I became a songwriter that I really began to appreciate David Bowie and his craft. The Modern Electric has coined the term “cinematic pop” to describe our genre. I believe that “Life on Mars?” by David Bowie was where the genre was born.
2. Tell us the story the development process behind the anthem video?
I wrote the song after watching The Labyrinth for the first time. It started off as a joke because I thought the film was so silly. Once I began to dive into Bowie’s vast discography, I seriously began to love his songs. There is no joke about it now, David Bowie is my hero! The music video was necessary because the song has become one of our biggest successes at our live shows. The thought behind the video was to show someone being converted from ignorance to appreciation for Bowie (and good music in general), much like I had been converted after getting into his catalog.
3. Love the suits you picked who did the fashion aspects of it and what was the thought process?
I was the writer and director of the music video so the job kind of fell on me to prepare the wardrobe. I definitely wanted to pick recognizable eras of Bowie’s career, but I didn’t want to make the hunt for the attire impossible. That is one of the reasons why the Ashes to Ashes-era tin man outfit didn’t make it in. It would have been impossible to find. Even so, I shopped for weeks in local costume shops, thrift stores, and vintage clothing boutiques to find the 4 outfits we ended up going with.
4. what is your next project?
We have recorded a full length album produced by Mike McCarthy (Spoon, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead) and we plan to start releasing more songs from it at the beginning of the new year. Since film and cinema is such an important part of our band, we plan on also writing and directing more music videos for our upcoming releases.
5. Who would you say are your music influences other than bowie.
I think a love for Bowie and T. Rex go hand in hand. I’m also a big fan of Lou Reed and Spoon. Something unique about The Modern Electric though, is that we are more influenced by films than music in our writing process. Almost all of our songs were inspired by movies like “David Bowie Save Us All (Redux)” was inspired by The Labyrinth. That is part of the reason we identify ourselves as cinematic pop.
Check out the band and find all their music on their website.


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