Robin Williams with the man Andy Warhol who inspired my Bowie film

robin-williams-valerie-williams-and-andy-warhol-at-studio-54-1979-new-york-daily-news.jpg (1044×817) Robin Williams, Valerie Williams and Andy Warhol at the famed Studio 54, 1979. I look at the image and instantly am filled with sadness at the loss of Robin Williams who made me laugh so much throughout the years. This photograph says it all, where is Robin Williams?.

Andy Warhol and I met in New York at a party on the 67th floor of 641 Fifth Avenue at Olympic Towers a building owned by a friend the late Christina Onassis. The building also was where David Bowie had his office at the time, yet Bowie and I would not meet till later when we were neighbours in Los Angles.

Andy Warhol inspired my project the documentary film I am making David Bowie Is Around The World. The inspiration came from Warhol’s project 8mm where he just filmed people dropping into his factory. Later he took all those clips and put them together and he had a film. David Bowie played Andy Warhol in the film called Basquiat, and during The Toronto International Film Festival, with the Windsor Arms Hotel, Babar Khan a photographer the factory created by Andy Warhol in New York is being recreated as the Bowie Film Sound and Vision Studio Lounge, bringing Bowie and Warhol together once again. If you think I am kidding, than wait till you meet the man who is doing the hair and makeup because in the Bowie film he is the Andy Warhol.

The Bowie Film Sound and Vision Studio Lounge is where various people visiting The Toronto Film Festival will be captured by the lens of Babar Khan, for a book that will be created in as a limited edition by the Windsor Arms Hotel and the proceeds from the sale of this amazing work with various actors, musicians, will be donated to a charity to help those with mental illness.

More on the lounge and how you will be able to preorder the limited edition book. Lets activate the prevention of loss of life to mental illness through the art of photography.

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