Jay Adams was to skateboarding what David Bowie is to music – The spark of creativity

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“I just received the terribly sad news that Jay Adams passed away last night due to a massive heart attack, send your love.” —Stacy Peralta

I had moved from Beverly Hills to Venice Beach saw images of Jay Adams and later film footage on him skating around and I was hooked. I never bought my first board it was given to me by my skating buddy Steve with whom I would skate the streets of Santa Monica, down Bay Street, to Main and towards Venice Beach. My buddy Steve died one day while on a hike in Palm Springs where he fell to his death, but all he would talk about other than God, Jesus, making films, was Jay Adams. If there is one thing that I would say that both Steve and I learned from Jay Adams was “style was everything”, in that regard other than that Adams was known as “The Original Seed” of the sport and considered one of the most influential skateboarders of all time.

Jay Adams died of a heart attack on Thursday while on a vacation with his family in Mexico. He was 53.
His death was announced today by his friend Stacy Peralta. The two were founding members of the Z-Boys, a group of skateboarders who in the ‘70s were pioneers of the extreme sport.

I know that all the skateboarding world thanks him for being the pioneer who was the spark that ignited the sport including these dudes who I ran into one night on the streets of Toronto from Longboard Haven.

Thank you Jay Adams for inspiring so many and doing it all with style.

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