World Cup Finals Germany wins and Adam Lambert and Queen rock ‘We Are The Champions’ in Toronto

1cb0bdaa96978d22f7a3e547a72c65d98c.jpg (856×600) I stood among the over 250,000 people jammed on to the Fan Mile in Berlin to witness manager Jogi Loew’s team at work on massive screens set up for the occasion.
They screamed in jubilation as the one, vital, goal of ‘Super’ Mario Gotze crushed Argentina’s World Cup hopes. Germany was plunged into a frenzy of delight when their boys in Brazil sent their Argentine foes packing in the World Cup Final last night. The very first thing that came to my mind was how are my friends doing in the sold out Air Canada Center show with Adam Lambert. What will they feel like when he belts out the song ‘We Are The Champions’.

As Queen and Adam Lambert headed into Toronto the festivities in Berlin where I had been filming David Bowie Is Around The World had begun and I finally got around to checking my emails with one wondering if I need any tickets for the show at Air Canada Center, by Queen. I thought of a few people sent them messages as I was somewhat hyper with all the energy of Berlin it was whomever first gets back to me I will get sorted out for the show ( I already have ‘attention deficit disorder with the Berlin buzz added to the mix I was a Molotowcocktail).

My friend Vernon and Olivier responded first and I recalled that Vernon really wanted to see Adam Lambert. Both Vernon and Olivier make appearances in my Bowie film and f–k yea! they had to see the show. So many people ask me when going to a show, “where are the seats going to be”, and hell if I know, when the band gives you seats they usually will be good seats, dah!. My friends Vernon and Olivier never asked this question. I confirmed with them over Facebook, Twitter, that they were set, and sorted.

The game began, Germany with Argentina and what a game it was, close calls, near misses not by Germany but by Argentina. Girls next to me could were on the verge of a breakdown, and then that all to pretty a goal by Germany and Berlin went off the charts. Vernon and Olivier were also jubilant as they too had been cheering for Germany. As I lost my self with a quarter of a million people hitting one bar after another screaming Deutschland, Deutschland my friends collected their tickets and messaged me “Floor Seat”, followed by “1st row”, I smiled at the thrill of it all, from Berlin to Toronto. David Bowie exhibit in Berlin to Toronto where Queen who know Bowie well, with my two friends in the front row, it was just all magical.

Adam Lambert and Queen rocked the encore duo of We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions, the latter which ended with an explosion of gold confetti, as fireworks filled the night sky’s of Berlin.

Here are some of my friends tweets.

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