David Bowie Film Cast Sneak Peak – Part 1!

Melinda Micheal, Tommy James Murphy, Timothy Hollywood Khan – Producer, Director and Kayla Havard
Photo – Babar Khan

Andy Warhol created the factory and those who came to visit got filmed in his 8mm film. They were all interesting people. At the Toronto International Film Festival, The Ritz Bar, at the Ritz Carlton Toronto was home to the David Bowie Table where creative people came to meet like-minded people, ending up in the film and sharing their talent.

This is first of a series of photographs taken by the very talented Babar Khan who also found himself in the film David Bowie Is Around The World. The Creative Director of this shoot was the wonderful Jackie Gideon of Jackie Gideon Beauty. As the film develops you will get to meet more of the cast and learn their individual stories.

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