Leonardo DiCaprio Defends ‘Wolf of Wall Street’


“This film may be misunderstood by some,” DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese didn’t set out to tell world that snorting cocaine off a prostitute’s bare backside is the very epitome of success. No folks, it’s a movie about some very bad people.

“The severe honesty in which Jordan Belfort portrayed a hedonistic time in his life on Wall Street,” the Golden Globe-nominated star said when asked what attracted him to the project.
“It’s rare when someone is unafraid to divulge how dark they went. With all these people on Wall Street who’ve screwed over so many people since 2008, I became obsessed with playing a character who made me understand the mentality and nature of the seduction of Wall Street and greed. I appreciated his honesty.”
And, of course, DiCaprio didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to work with Scorsese for a fifth time.
“To get to work with Marty at this point in his career and to make a movie that takes a lot of chances… People—no matter what their attitude is after seeing the film—should understand this is a film that’s outside the box and is very difficult to get done in this day and age; it almost never happens. That in its own right is commendable,” DiCaprio says.

He is to the point on this. If you are an actor then you will understand that the antics of Jordan Belfort, how deeply he goes into the darkness is a role any good actor would want to do especially if it being directed by Martin Scorsese. Can you imagine the pitch meeting for this film?
Wolf of Wall Street

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