David Bowie & Arizona Muse Would Rather Be High With Louis Vuitton!

David Bowie & Arizona MuseIf you are going to make a film called “David Bowie Is Around The World‘ , then Louis Vuitton would be a good place to start to get the luggage, a watch perhaps for your travels and all the other luxury items you can pick up not to mention why not a hot air balloon.  Then again why not include one in the film.  Now I just might have to do that in the film I am directing about Bowie, considering Arizona Muse supermodel already did it last year over Paris and now with Bowie.  After all it all fits with L’Invitation au voyage film set in Venice Italy by Louis Vuitton.

Here below is the 8mm look, and the final cut look at what Bowie and Muse do in that very luxurious manner to Bowie’s song, from his album The Next Day , I’d Rather Be High.

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