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Artist Anna Laurini


Meet artist Anna Laurini. Anna grew up on the outskirts of Milan one of the largest and most important cities in Renaissance Italy. its rulers were generous patrons of the arts, responsible for commissioning major monuments throughout the city and for supporting artists such as Giovanni di Balduccio, Filarete, Bramante and Leonardo da Vinci.

Milan, with its general distaste for promoting itself, still manages to hold its sartorial cards close to its cashmere-clad chest. Word of mouth (or passaparola) is still the favored mode of communication for the Italians, now thanks to Facebook and Twitter you can be led to other discoveries which is how I found the works of Anna Laurini who makes her home in one of my favorite cities London.

In her own words, my interview with artist Anna.

1. Anna, where did you grow up and what did you like to do when you where growing up.

I grow up in a small town in the outskirt of Milan. I always dream to go away and live abroad…I was always very creative and immerse in my imaginary world. I was drawing and scribbling all the time.

2. Where do you currently live and what are some of your favorite spots to go to in that city?

I now live in London. My favorite spots in the city used to be the museums in particular the Tate modern..but lately I enjoy the most the parks..obviously the best for me is Hampstead Heath but I don’t mind Victoria Park which is nearest to where I live.

3. Who have been your influences growing up?

My influence growing up…my mother i reckon..sort of a rebellious character, with an extraordinary good taste in fashion..I think i transform that in myself into a passion for beauty.

4. Where would you say your creative ideas come from?

My creative ideas are coming from my inner conflicts..from my unconscious..from my demonic nature..from my passion for colors.. .

5. What are some of your current projects?

I’m currently preparing a body of work for my next exhibition which will take place in May. It’s a series of paintings very colorful and vibrant, with the name, Not for love, here is my statement;

“NOT FOR LOVE” is Anna’s latest chromatic provocation. A refused love that ironically penetrates all her work, a love that in its absence becomes the leitmotiv of her artistic proposal. Sought, and, we believe, found but refused in its stereotypical forms. Bright colours and contrasts are the ideal background of her reflections, as if thoughts and especially emotions translated into superimposition while her word and feelings meet the light of her brush strokes, which are sometimes nervous and sometimes full of a love that was found, refused and always sought.

I heaven’t painted a big wall yet…but i will very soon ..on the streets of Shoerditch.

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