Ritz to Red Carpet with Penelope Cruz and back – Tiff12

Penelope Cruz has been at the Ritz Carlton for a few day’s during Tiff12.

This has been the hotels second year of Tiff since opening and they thought they where ready.

The hotel across from the red carpet from the gala’s of the Toronto International Film Festival did not expect the overwhelming response to it being the number one hot spot (sizzling like burn) more like it during the film festival. Honestly, there is no other spot in the city like it, everyone keep searching for it, but really people, if you want class, elegance, that goes with the red carpet then one name stands out alone, Ritz Carlton.

Penelope Cruz, who is so very polite, sweet, and we all know this, naturally beautiful came to Toronto with her cast and crew to show their film ‘Twice Born’.

Those who were around with me got to enjoy some Ravine Vineyard wine and while there are plenty of cool photographs this one taken with the BlackBerry Playbook after I was chatting with Penelope and Adnan Haskovic of the pink dress through the wine set’s the tone of what was going on at the Ritz Bar prior to dinner.

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