Gary Lucas brings his magic to the Ritz Bar – Tiff12

Gary Lucas is an American guitarist, a Grammy-nominated songwriter, a soundtrack composer for film and television, and an international recording artist with over a twenty solo albums to date. He has been described as a “guitarist with a global guitar” by Larry Rohter, of the New York Times.

“one of the best and most original guitarists in America”

– David Fricke, Rolling Stone

He is also associated with vocalist Jeff Buckley, who performed for a year in Lucas’ band, Gods and Monsters, early in his career.

Phillip Jarrell, let me know that Gary was in town for the Toronto International Film Festival ( Tiff12 ) and so I thought it would be a great idea to get Gary to come play at the Ritz Carlton, at the Ritz Bar outside.

Various people stopped over to talk about films including George who is a partner of Greg Binions CEO of Jarrell guitars a partner of Phillip Jarrell. Those who came talked, drank Canadian wine from Ontario’s Ravine Vineyard.

The action at the Ritz Carlton is never ending during Tiff. My friend Warren Spitz director of Tiff and Chair of the gala fund raiser for the friends of Tiff walked past with his family off to a screening. It began to get cold. So everyone drank more wine. The team of the Ritz Carlton hotel brought some blankets, while Amy, Ashley and Duncan floated around seemingly effortlessly at a very busy bar.

At about 9 in the evening I called Gary, just to confirm that we are still on, Gary had been at his film screening’s dinner and let me know that he would be on his way hitting the Ritz Carlton around about ten-thirty.

The arrival of Gary was magical, he is a true musician and he did not care about anything really he just wanted to play the Jarrell guitar and just rock some tunes out. Oh, yea Gary rocked some tunes alright.

Kristin Gibeau who had been visiting from Ottawa to help people at the festival drank her Ravine Vineyard red wine and as Gary played she said to me “what a magical night this has turned out to me”.

How can it not be magic, it was the first time a Grammy nominated musician was on deck of the new Ritz Bar, playing tunes in the middle of the biggest film festival in the world, The Toronto International Film Festival.

Here is some of the magic that was produced.

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