Casa Bacardi At The Ritz Carlton – Toronto

This was a special night for me at The Ritz Carlton as it unveiled it’s Casa Bacardi.

It was at the Foundation Room of The House of Blue in Las Vegas that I sat down one evening to have dinner with Sergio Danguillecourt a member of the board of Bacardi and the great-great-grandson of the rum company’s founder Facundo Bacardi, who died with his wife in the fateful crash of December 19, 2005 of Chalk’s Ocean Airways Flight 101 which crashed off Miami Beach, Florida. There were no survivors.

Sergio was a fun guy. The dinner was fun. Sergio and all of us at dinner had lots of laughs and the stories we shared one could write a hit film script about. I did start on such a script set in Cuba, and Sicily and yes it involves rum. I never forgot Sergio. His smile. His easy manner.

When I started my own drinks company Merlins, I started to pair my non-alcoholic drink with various Bacardi brands in some markets of the United States. I will never forget the call I received from my distributor Southern Wine and Spirits of California, it went like this, “Tim, I just heard a rumor, tell me it is not so, that you are working with Bacardi?”, to which I replied “Well I would not do that to you, it would not happen in the State of California”.

When the Ritz Carlton took the wraps of Casa Bacardi, naturally I was curious. After all the drink menu that the Ritz Carlton showed me already had wet my appetite for the various mojito’s that Casa Bacardi would be serving up throughout the summer.

If you are going to have a refreshing drink of mojito then the patio deck of the Ritz Carlton in the summer is the best place to relax, and have a multitude of cocktails created by the team of Ritz Carlton in Toronto. The Bacardi Bar is also very alluring and inviting. It cast’s it’s spell on you inviting you to just come and have one drink after another under the stars, all the while towering above you is the national marvel of Canada lighting up with colorful lights the CN-Tower.

With the music, the stars, warm summer air sitting in the lap of luxury of the Ritz Carlton drinking at Casa Bacardi is just one magical moment.

For me this was a super special moment, because for me it was another evening with my friend. The man with his easy going casual manner, that Hollywood smile, Sergio Danguillecourt, who was looking down from somewhere higher then the CN-Tower.

Is Casa Bacardi fun?  Hello! check it out.

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