Prince – Ready to Roll Spectacular “Welcome2Australia”

The Gold Coast of Australia was a great time for me. It was in Australia that my sponsored Indy Car Racing team of American Spirit came in first and second. So for me it will be a great time to return to Australia looking at the people and talking to them about the artist and performer who gave us magic in Canada. Prince.
After a not-so-cryptic hint yesterday, one of the greatest entertainers of our era has finally announced his return to Australia.
His name is Prince, and he is set to bring a 360 degree arena spectacular to Australia this May.

Arguably the definitive pop artist of the past three decades, Prince has steadfastly played by his own rules – continuing to release quality material through a variety of unconventional methods.

His live performance is stuff of legend, rocking through an immaculate canon of certified classics – including Purple Rain, Let’s Go Crazy, Kiss and countless more.
Prince performs at Rod Laver Arena on Monday May 14.

The best place to start the Prince tour to Australia for me, was not far form the design center for Prince on Queen Street West of Magpie. Nearby I found Mark Fosco who has a band called Rad Habits sitting with his guitar chilling. Mark told me he can do that as he has no girl-friend. I did manage to tell him that it is a good thing, leaves us time to do what we want to do, and it really is not a good idea if you are gonna be a rocker.

So here we go, from Toronto where Prince began his Welcome 2 Canada Tour with comments from Mark Fosco of the band Rad Habits, views on Prince and why everyone will be ecstatic to see his live show.

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