Lana Del Rey at Clafouti So Delicious!

Lana Del Rey the internet sensation whose debut song Video Games is already the ‘Single Of The Year’ pre-release, having attracted almost a million and a half page views on YouTube. Her first UK show (in November) sold out in about 30 seconds.

Mulberry at London Fashion Week, had Lana front and center with the Lana Del Rey handbag. So when someone on Twitter from Ireland suggested a sandwich the first thing that popped into my mind was two Lana Del Rey’s with me in the middle.

The Lana Del Rey sandwich was such a fun idea that it required someone with passion for fun and food, to step up to the plate and create something as delicious as the very alluringly sexy Lana Del Rey. Jumping into the game of creating, in the fashion of the Oscar winning film The Artist from France, was none other then Chef Olivier Jansen-Reynaud owner of the cafe Clafouti of Toronto.

Chef Olivier Jansen-Reynaud, who’s entire family has been in the business of food, is The Artist who created the Lana Del Rey sandwich with panache.

The sandwich was taste tested by Angela one of the designer’s and partner of Magpie fashion and a jazz singer from New York city who had arrived just in time for sampling the Lana Del Rey. Lana Del Rey, is delicious was the word by two women today. I have also eaten Lana Del Rey, the sandwich and it is so very tasty, juicy and delicious.

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Chili Adobe crusted pork loin
Garlic lemon aioli
panella cheese
crispy onions
Vidal syrup
Egg bun

Hollywood and anyone visiting Toronto, this is a must try. Lana Del Rey sandwich is not in Paris, London, New York or Hollywood. The Lana Del Rey sandwich is in Hollywood North, at Clafouti, Toronto.

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