Lana Del Rey Lands ‘Vogue’ Cover !

Lana Del Rey has a future in modeling, I said so after she bombed on Saturday Night Live. So you want to be a singer and a model but can’t sing, well guess what there is hope for you in nabbing the UK Vogue Cover. I guess it’s not all that simple, you have to have people talking about you. As any good agent in Hollywood will tell you it make’s not difference what people are saying about you, good, bad, gossip, as long as they are talking about you, because if people are talking about you then you could land a cover of a silk fashion magazine, because that is what sells baby! Lana Del Rey is certainly very pretty and slim, and looks very nice in expensive clothes, making her the kind of controversial pop star that edgy, high-fashion designers salivate over.

“I don’t think I’ll write another record. What would it say? I feel like everything I wanted to say, I’ve said already.”

Lana Del Rey, now let’s just say lyric’s are about life, and living, and if you have not lived, then maybe you have nothing more to say. Modeling she’s got the look, the camera loves her, and people talk about her.

She graces the cover with her sixties lashes and locks paired with sparkly knuckle-duster and pointy red nails that would make Gaga proud, and discusses her fashion sense as well as the future of her career. Now that her album, Born to Die, is out, the singer admits she’s not in it for the long haul. Well I like her, she’s understated and elegant, and she could be a glamorous queen of the silver screen. Lana Del Rey is from the land where magic is real and dreams come true.

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