Paris to Mumbai with Chanel !

The setting was sumptuous: a faded Maharajah’s palace, its gallery laced with rounded windows and a miniature silver train whizzing crystal decanters of whiskey around long tables with silver platters of fruits and sweetmeats, it reminded one of “Heat and Dust” a Merchant Ivory Film.

The actress Freida Pinto described it as “back in the Mughal Empire.”

Karl Lagerfeld’s collection Paris-Bombay was an ode to India yet set clearly in Paris. As Karl stated that Coco Chanel had played with the sari idea back in 1939 and had done a few India inspirations in the early 1960s. “Not at all Bollywood — it’s the idea of India, inspiration more from the men’s clothes, saris worn like a scarf and a touch of what hippies would like,”.

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Paris is Paris and in Paris there is nothing like Coco Chanel and her magic, combining this with the magic that is India is both erotic, exotic, exciting, and a enchanting affair to the retina. I have had many magical moments in Paris and the best was checking into the Ritz and the front desk giving me the Coco Chanel Suite to stay in for the night. I ordered room service, opened every window overlooking the courtyard, drank champagne and walked about the suite in wonderment of the energy still present that was Coco Chanel. It was my private moment in Paris with Coco, the air had the smell of light perfume, with a hint of smoke. I am glad I surrendered to the moment. The collection Paris-Bombay is ultra-refined and modern. It’s time to go shopping. The adventure never stops for Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel and My Name is Khan.
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