Vampires in Pin-Stripes,Margin Call !

Create some fictitious stock options, it’s only paper with words, park them with a hedge fund who’s principals are seasoned, screwed investment bankers who are in daily pursuit of relentlessly making money. Some things on Wall Street are not as they appear to be. They are only created to facilitate a transaction, make money disappear, vanish or something perhaps even more complex. Then when shit hit’s the fan as it always does on Wall Street someone has to fall or go prison or as in Margin Call, Jeremy Irons say’s to Demi Moore “I have to hand someone’s head to the board”. Investment banking is not for the faint hearted, it not a world that operates in black and white, this is a world that operates entirely in the grey. It show’s no mercy, it has no remorse, it will do anything, anything, to survive to live another day.

It’s a vampire wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming it’s blood funnel into anything that smells like money.-Rolling Stone Magazine about Goldman Sachs


Margin Call is a independent film making at it’s best, with a stellar cast, delivering a powerful punch in a intense focused manner. It take’s folks into the meltdown of 2008, as if they were a fly on the wall. Many knew about this, that it was happening, yet the scope of it was so massive, so unbelievable, that if you had come clean and told someone they simply would not believe you. To all those who are occupyig Wall Street or London, just pack it in guy’s these sharks don’t care, you have no effect on them what-so-ever. However there is something you can do, get on your twitter handle and get this film nominated for Oscar consideration, that is where you have the power to get this films message out. It deserves that consideration. I know someone who parked $16 billion of highly leveraged credit-default-swap bonds and rarely did he talk about anything else other then sex, hookers, strippers, money, and trading bonds. One day he walked into a restaurant with me in New York and could not find a suitable wine by the glass on the wine menu and ordered a $3,500 bottle of wine so he could have one glass. While I sat looking at him in stunned disbelief, he looked at me, just like Jeremy Irons did in Margin Call while drinking his glass of wine and eating said to me, “Look bro, we had nothing to sell, so we sold it off in billion’s bro, but we had the game down, we knew the government would not let us fail, it would bail us out and we would help bail others out and in the end anything we lost on our books we would make 100 times over, and big fees bailing out those we put under”. There is one flaw in the film, Jeremy Irons wears a button down shirt without french cuffs, that is simply not done on Wall Street. Start tweeting about this outstanding film a shout out to J.C. Chandor the writer and director of the film. The adventure of discovery never stops on My Name is Khan.

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