Sting’s Back With Bass !

As he’s done with past configurations, he’s reinvented his songs to encompass whatever style he feels at the moment, and been very good at treating his audiences to new experiences every time out with imaginative arrangements that always inject new, unexpected twists. Sting is not afraid to try anything new, in his view nothing in life is worthwhile if it does not have some risk. So many people I know are one degree of separation from this extraordinary talented man who’s music and lyric’s I have enjoyed over the years and the man who’s given so much back with his music. Sting move’s the audience with his awe-inspiring bass playing which is the central focus of the show. It is worth it, and you are spellbound by the magic the gift that this man was given and the generosity with which he share it with the ever appreciative audience. The band is made up of Vinnie Colaiuta, whom Sting referred to as “a drummer’s drummer,” father-son guitarists Dominic and Rufus Miller, Jo Lawrie on violin and backup vocals and Peter Tickell on violin and mandolin. This is what I like and love about Sting he is not afraid to mix it up and see what happens. At the core of any great musician is the ability that without effort everything blends into acoustic harmony. I personally would have loved to have seen what Sting would have done with two sitars on stage with him but then that is me when it comes to music wondering what if. Sting also can make you wonder about yourself and took me back to a film I had just seen The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard written and directed by Jeremy Lalonde about something Sting brought up “emotional annihilation” as the root behind the male fear of commitment, and while I listen to the music my mind wonders about what Sting just said and all of a sudden you are left measuring yourself with the man on the stage who it seems is always giving, growing, experimenting, caring and who’s no ordinary rocker. Later in the evening I shared some ideas about Sting with a friend and he responded “I know Sting and his family well they are great people”. The world is small and yet again I find myself one degree of separation from Sting. The adventure of discovery never ends for Sting and My Name is Khan.

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