Gucci ! Milano Food and Fashion 2012 !

Monte Carlo to Milano it’s an easy drive, in a Ferrari and if you have Rihanna with you, then you better make sure that you have a empty truck waiting in Milano for all the Gucci bags after the Gucci spring, summer 2012 show. Music is to a fashion show, what almond oil is to Rihanna’s exquisitely sculpted legs, grafted. Without it there would be no glow. Those who survive in this digital age are those who are able to swiftly change gears like a Ferrari, or you die. The Music industry died a slow and painful death at the hands of the Internet while the fashion industry embraced it and is making it an integral part of the production of a fashion show. London fashion week saw the tweets from Burberry who tweeted a picture of the model prior to her hitting the catwalk. Gucci today will have it’s spring, summer 2012 virtual streaming show putting millions of people and I am talking in China and India in the front row seats. Milano has many places you can call home away from home and for a Canadian the home becomes the Four Seasons Hotel Milano, natch! Chef’s and Rihanna are used to being in the spot light, in front of camera’s, or live performance so here is a look at the kitchen of Il Teatro, at the Four Seasons Hotel Milano. The buzz is building models will be start arriving and it will be showtime at Gucci, walking, walking and walking the catwalk, the action never stops here at My Name is Khan for the Chef’s, models, and all those backstage getting the show ready, It’s, Milano, it’s Gucci, food, wine, fashion and women.

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