Grand Prix du Canada Bienvenue!Brilliant Button Wins!

Montreal was one place you did not want to say “let it rain”, because rain it did. Button took out his team mate Lewis Hamilton as well as Alonso and tires became a critical strategic element of this race. After a lengthy delay the race began with all cars on the “All Wet” tires, the fans braved the rain and stayed, but then this is Montreal and who cares about the rain as all seats were sold out.  In 2010 the F1 teams earned a whopping $600 million while Red Bull racing earned $800 million. The pits were busy, busy! change to full wet, intermediate or when to go with slicks. Button who had six pit stops was in the zone of intensity, demonstrating artistic brilliance Vettel was chased down by Button in what was a remarkable race. The adventure of discovery never stops at My Name is Khan.

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