Vettel wins Turkey F1! Boring!

Turkey F1 Grid Girls

There is no doubt that Vettel of Germany is a talent. None. Team Red Bull have got their act together but come on guys! this is now getting really boring. You can’t have all that torque and testosterone around the track and have the same old,same old, the attention will wander, need I say more.  Today Vettel had no challenge, none what so ever, there was no charge of the light brigade by Hamilton, Button or for that matter anyone else. Even Bernie was caught praying for some drama.  Vettel finished first, with his Aussie team mate Mark Webber finishing second,  Alonso third followed by Hamilton, Rosberg and Button. Now one can go  lokum at Egyptian Bazaar  shisha café and mint tea,then make a beeline for Erzincanlilar (shop No.2), one of the finest delis in the world, known for its delicious honeycomb and hard Turkish cheese. The adventure of discovery never stops at MY NAME IS KHAN.

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