F1 Pirelli and the curves of Malaysia

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A friend of mine co-wrote a film that she also directed. She sat me down to watch the film in which she had cast a young girl who caught my eye. I asked my friend, “who’s that girl?”, she informed me it was a young actor by the name of Keira Knightley, “well she’s going to be a star”, I said. Karl Lagerfeld the creative force behind the House of Chanel also saw the star in Keira bringing her to the House of Chanel. Kiera’s body can be like the circuit itself, long straights, with challenging curves glistening with sweat beads that could make the driver surrender his focus. This year Karl Lagerfeld was behind the lens shooting the Pirelli calender. If your negotiating dangerous curves, the rubber better hold. It all comes down to how you take those curves, that will determine how fast you rip through the Pirelli tyres. Today another key critical element of racing was being drilled. The pit crews tyre change. It’s hot, humid, ideal conditions for where a a drop of rain could form a river. The focus remains today on Pirelli and the tyre change. Karl Lagerfeld, Keira Knightley, theĀ  pit crews and Pirelli offer us that exotic fascination with the adventure of discovery of F1 on MY NAME IS KHAN.

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