F1 Malaysia Bravo Pirelli!

Nature, it’s a force with which there is no contest. But we try. Malaysia’s F1 Sepang circuit will present the teams and drivers with endless options for consideration. Similar to those faced by the enchanting women who sashay down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. The options are unlimited. The tyre is a critical element of any racing. While the Pirelli PZero had a stunning debut in Australia it is only starting it’s roadshow with F1. Malaysia is hot and humid, the tracks surface is unyielding, it has twists, turns, heavy break areas, straights offering the driver variable speeds to explore all a challenge for the Pirelli tyre. Then there is nature itself, which can throw a variety of elements all of its own.

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Malaysia is also where the elephants roam in their limited domain. Bravo to Pirelli for doing this photo shoot with my favorite animal and the bewitching women of Pirelli.

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