Welcome to MY NAME IS KHAN.  I was walking down 52nd Street towards Broadway for a meeting. I had my cigar, sporting the latest shades, just as I raised my arm to light the cigar a hand coming from nowhere caught it, and the man yelled out in a very New York fashion”Mr.Hollywooood”. From that day in New York the name stuck and I was  simply “Hollywood”. It was one of those New York moments. I never met Micheal Jackson, but I did dine with Quincy Jones and his son who was visiting from Sweden at the time in New York. Mr. Q produced Micheal Jackson’s greatest album of all time “Thriller”. I asked Quincy Jones what it was like working with Micheal Jackson? I was told that Micheal was a perfectionist and it took forever to get the album done.  On the other hand  Frank Sinatra would walk into the recording studio, hit it and we where done. I am Timothy Hollywood Khan and here I share with you this Micheal Jackson’s song Hollywood, shot on the streets I know so well, featuring the Hollywood sign under whose gaze on a pitch in a park below I played cricket. The adventure of discovery is here at MY NAME IS KHAN.

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