Mexico, Mexico, Mexico at United States Grand Prix 2012

More Formula One visitors are expected to come to Austin from Mexico than from any other foreign country, said Steve Alberts, communications manager at the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau. Four charter flights from Mexico were set to arrive in Austin carrying about 500 fans, said Jim Halbrook, a spokesman for Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, and more Mexican fans are flying to other Texas cities.

Something President Obama already knew that United States of America is changing with growing Latin population. With Sergio Perez, in the race it get’s people from Mexico very excited.

At Circuit of the Americas, the first track purposely built for Formula One in the United States, spokeswoman Ali Putnam said that 110,000 tickets were sold and that 15 percent went to non-American buyers, many of them from Mexico.

David Cantu of Monterrey, Mexico told me he likes Perez because, “He’s Mexican.”

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Tony Scott – To My Death I Go ! Action!

Many are drawn to film by the title, others such as myself have been drawn to a film irregardless of the title only because it was directed by Tony Scott.

Tony Scott, pulled you into his films, you sit look at that big screen, the cinematic beauty, and your drawn in and never let go. That was a Tony Scott film. He also made people, actors, such as Tom Cruise in Top Gun, and what can I say about his work with the great Denzel Washington, Crimson Tide and my personal favorite Man On Fire.

At 68, Tony Scott leaped to his death action all the way to the end for one of the most influential directors in the last 25 years.

The short but to the point was a comment by another director Ron Howard.


Tony Scott valued action over words, and so he was not a favorite of the critic’s, but then what real serious film-makers gives a damn about film-critic’s. The key word in making a film is “Moving Picture”, and that is what Tony Scott delivered less words and more action. Steve McQueen had a rule, less said is better, when words are used make good use of them and effective, that is a good script. As Ron Howard put’s it. No more Tony Scott.

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Abracadabra at Czehoski !

Jeffery a film producer from Los Angles was on the phone as I stood on a chilly sunny day outside Czehoski. While it was important to see how one could convince Tom Cruise to bring the production of Top Gun to Toronto it was not urgent. Paramount to me was to seek solace within Czehoski the Queen West, bar,and restaurant.

Entering Czehoski, it seemed I had been transported to the middle kingdom with a wave of a magic wand someone going abracadabra. No there were no provocatively clad women in lipstick red party dress’s. No smell of perfume. No mascara laden lashes. It was Sunday afternoon, it was Toronto, Hollywood North.

Robin the dragon tattooed bar manger the Merlin of elixirs, was busy setting up and displaying a portion of his full dragon tattoo to two dynamic-duo women at the bar. Michael Patrick the Toronto avant-garde fashion photographer was seated at the bar looking notoriously elusive while awaiting his infusion of alcohol to propel him into motion.

My father had taught me at an early age that sitting at a bar stool can be more productive then sitting at an office desk. It is where you’ll end up doing more business, just make sure it’s the right bar. Czehoski is such a place in Toronto and one never know’s what can happen or what to expect. As in my case it was two alluring women, which was wholly unxpected that led to an avalanche of conversation, laughter and discovery.

The ladies from advertising and interior design were in full recovery mode and as any decent person would do after any late Saturday night, start Sunday with a bottomless Bloody Mary’s. My new found friends had Advil, cigarettes, and other accouterments while progressing to wine and beer. After all who want’s to live forever.

In the kitchen the butter melted, while brown sugar caramelized, the milk thickened. There was no drag everything at Czehoski was profluent. Czehoski any given Sunday. Great drinks, food, music and people on both sides of the bar.

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