Sir Richard Branson hits the waves with President Obama I recall my best Branson experience

Live, learn, laugh and take chances – Sandra Jane


I was working for Timothy Khan which was probably one of the most fun, exciting and totally unpredictable jobs I have ever had.

Having said that I learned more in those years than I did during my entire formal education. It was truly confidence building experience that gave me the ability to work out of the box for which I am most grateful. constantly being thrown into the unknown, learning how to stay above water and truly loving my challenges. For an inexperienced British girl from a sheltered background it was a blessing.

After all these years we still laugh at the time Sir Richard Branson called the office, announced himself, I laughed and said “yes and I am the Queen of England”.  Sir Branson burst into a belly laugh, announced himself again and I realized it really was him.  I giggled, apologized and connected the call.

What prompted the call is what truly still today this day impresses me and I can fully understand why President Obama would enjoy the company of Sir Branson. 170207-richard-branson-barack-obama-1105a_79a49398d7bd554a187eec4b0b103886.nbcnews-fp-360-360

Timothy was trying to get to an Indy Car race from London to Mexico City for a driver he was sponsoring  Ryan Hunter-Reay.  While there was a direct British Airways flight he choose to take Virgin Atlantic giving him few hours in Los Angeles for quick meetings at the airport and catching a connection to Mexico City.

Upon boarding his flight in a sold out Upper Class he realized his seat did not recline, imagine London to Los Angles and your Upper Class seat won’t recline.  Things did not get better only worse, as when it was time to dine the table was also broken. Now if you know Timothy then you will know this simply was not going to do.

When Timothy finally arrived at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City he asked the front desk for a their letterhead and wrote a hand written note to Sir Branson.  The response was swift.

When Timothy did take the call, Sir Branson’s opening line was “oops”, and offered a round trip Upper Class seat on his next trip. To live, learn, laugh and take chances that is truly Sir Branson.

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By: Sandra Jane

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A yacht I had a lot of fun on which would become Donald Trump’s TRUMP PRINCESS and Now Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal’s KINGDOM 5KR

At the time of this filming the yacht I had a lot of fun on belonged to my business associate Saudi Billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, and was known as Nabila.

During its days as Nabila, it was featured in the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again, in which it was seen as Flying Saucer (translated from Italian Disco Volante in the source novel, Thunderball), the villain’s superyacht mobile HQ. It was also the inspiration for a track, “Khashoggi’s Ship”, on the 1989 album by rock band Queen, The Miracle.

Donald Trump bought the yacht for $29 million. After a refit, Trump renamed it Trump Princess.

Trump sold it when he ran into financial problems in 1991 to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal for $20 million.

The yacht’s latest name stems from the Prince’s investment company, Kingdom Holding Company, his lucky number (5), and his children’s initials (‘K’ and ‘R’).

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Mitch Wolfe Author of ‘TRUMP How He Captured The Trump White House’ talks about Cabinet Picks – PODCAST

Donald Trump cabinet picks are not to everyone’s liking and through the Donald Trump tenure as President of the United States, I will be sitting down a great deal with writer Mitch Wolfe of the book “Trump How He Captured The Trump White House, to talk about what is going on in the White House of Donald Trump, or in this case at Trump Towers.

Follow Mitch Wolfe on Twitter and you can get his book on Amazon.

You can listen to my podcasts below or you can download them.

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TRUMP WHITE HOUSE with the author Mitch Wolfe Podcast 001

Writer Mitch Wolfe some months ago began to observe a pattern, and he began to write how Donald Trump was going to take the White House.  In this podcast you will meet Mitch Wolfe, and hear where he is coming from, what he noticed that all the big shots CNN, Polls missed.

As Mitch was writing he met a publisher and they got together and published the book Trump How He Captured The Trump White House.  You can order the book online or via Amazon just hit this link and read away.

Mitch will join me for podcast 002 when we talk about the picks for the White House, so follow Mitch on his twitter for updates and my podcasts.

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