Canadian Grand Prix 2016 Music Playlist of Canadian Artists You Should Know

Welcome to Canada and if you are traveling by train, car, bus, air, or just walking around the circuit here is a all Canadian music playlist for you to enjoy and discover some Canadian talent.  The playlist has mellow start and goes from there.  While there is so much talent out there, I just put this together of friends of mine or those musicians my friends know.

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Megan Bonnell her recent album was fully crowd funded, from my home town Toronto, not only can she sing she can also make a mean banana bread.

Alannah Myles  I used to spend a lot of time on the road with my buddy Kevin Jones who was tour manager for his brother Mick Jones of the band Foreigner, and Alannah was always around Ca Va is mellow start to the playlist.

Serena Ryder – born in my hometown of Toronto and she kicks ass.

Anna Cyzon – Is a dear friend of mine and she totally rocks she has also been a great help to me for my film on fans of David Bowie.

Armando Scarlato Jr. One day walked into a jam session of the David Bowie film started to sing and blew everyone away.

Alanis Morissette – I first met Alanis on my birthday dinner in Los Angeles with my buddy Tim Thorney she had come to shop her album Jagged Little Pill.

Drake – Also from my hometown of Toronto (the 6) and a friend of my buddy Sammy. I don’t need to say more it’s Drake.

Virgina Storey  she just rocks, and put new twist to her music she is a big fan of Bowie and if he was still with us he would like her music.

Gang Signs  – My friend Karen Hood owns a music label File Under Music and this band is signed to her label.

Bend Sinister – Also signed to my friends label File Under Music of Vancouver.

Francesco Yates – I first met Francesco at a fashion show his big influence was Prince and Michael Jackson.

Hill And The Sky Heroes –  A solo project of my very multi talented friend Hill Kourkoutis  a massive fan of David Bowie.

Justin Bieber  – Well who does not know this dude, Lewis Hamilton been hanging with him of late and my mom loves him.

Sarah Fisher – Super cool friend another multi talented Canadian.

The Weekend  – This dude from my home town been killing it, working real hard and has collaborated with my friend Hill Kourkoutis also on this play list.

Tim Thorney – A very talented friend of mine who is a record producer, singer songwriter and owner of Villa Sound a very cool recording studio, he has his fingers on the pulse of talent in Canada.

In My Coma – This band not only rocks they can party and we have done it they have a new album coming out this fall.

Mandy Bo –  She just followed her dream and works really hard, I really like her and she has a crowd funding project on the go, check it out on her website.

NJ Taylor – From Montreal a big fan of Red Bull Racing, she is one very talented friend who is always working at her craft.

Young Empires – I got turned on to them by my fashion stylist friend Kirsten Readerh who styled one of the band members.

Brian Asha  lives in Vancouver and just likes good music.



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If David Bowie Was Around He Would Jam With Hill & The Sky Heroes’ In NYC At Bar Nine

Tomorrow night at 8:30pm in New York City at Bar Nine is a rare opportunity to see some exceptional talent, Hill & The Sky Heroes‘.  The band is a project of Hill Kourkoutis, award-winning songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker. I have already alerted Leonardo DiCaprio, JLo, and Amedeo Turello who is curating the Pirell digital calendar.

Also in New York City at this time is another great Italian photographer filmmaker Sebastiano Vitale to whom I suggested he shoot the band through his adventurous lens.

Hill Kourkoutis was brought to my attention by a very dear friend of mine who loves Canadian talent record producer Tim Thorney.

So I caught up with Hill at the best possible place at a bar over an old fashion cocktail and instantly released why Hill and David Bowie would have connected on both a creative and intellectual level ( even though Bowie liked to say I’m not intellectual I’m just a pop musician).  Hill and the talented musicians with her simply do what they do for the sake of art, they seek no fame, but fame is what they will have.

Now I am the guy who blew off the Rolling Stones in Cuba to jet back to Toronto to see Prince’s Piano & A Microphone gig because I just knew how special.  So I’m giving all of you a heads-up , this is gonna be very special

I am also so excited to have a super talented photographer Sebastiano document the magic that will take place at 8:30pm at Bar Nine.  Go check out the gig.

No more blah, blah, blah, check out some of the YouTube videos just to get you into the mood.

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President Obama wants the internet for everyone Meet singer Devi from Argentina and how Facebook connected her

“I will set big goals for this country as president – some so large that the technology to reach them does not yet exist.””I will recruit new teachers and make new investments in rural schools, we’ll connect all of America to 21st century technology and telecommunications.” – Obama

President Obama has said it over and over, at SXSW, in Cuba to the youth and again in Argentina. We must get everyone into the digital space, not just the schools, but homes, so people can be connected to information, communication, and thus with the power of the internet have a voice, be able to create, grow their business.

How powerful can social media be? powerful,  allowing a singer in Argentina ‘Oceans Away’ to connect to a record producer in Canada and that is what this story is about set against the backdrop of the Obama’s visit to Argentina the first by a President of the United States in twenty years .

My friend Tim Thorney  is one very talented singer, songwriter and record producer and some time ago he introduced me to a singer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Devi . Tim would describe her music as Indian fusion.

As I had been in Cuba covering the historic visit by Obama, I tagged along for the next historic event (why sit on the sidelines), the first by Obama to Argentina.  I reached out to Devi, and she told me she was in Argentina. I asked Devi what role did the internet play in meeting and working with Tim, she told me, a big part.

Let me have Devi tell you in her words the role of the internet and while oceans away internet brings you closer and in this case helped create music.

“We connected through Facebook in 2009 and talked for about a year. Then I traveled to Los Angeles for my holidays and he happened to be there at Alanis’ (Alanis Morissette) place. So we met.  After two or three months I traveled to Toronto to work with him at his studio for his record Villa Freud and as we were finishing the project we wrote two songs and I sang them. We were very happy with the result so after a year I traveled again to Toronto to do ten more songs, that became ‘A Moment of Clarity‘.

‘Oceans Away’ by Devi, seemed just perfect to set the mood of this short visit by the Obama’s to her country.  As Obama said the internet allows us to get closer to each other. This is bit Indian music, voice of Argentina and recorded in Canada with a Canadian.  Follow Devi on Twitter .

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David Bowie – The record label with Bowie as Creative Director that could have been but didn’t happen – Thank You Rupert Murdoch

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Do you even know who David Bowie is? You don’t need anyone at the film studio to run the record label, David can pick up the phone and call any number of people he knows everyone in the world so don’t worry who will run the label are you in or are you out?

It’s my birthday and my friends and I are at dinner at Mandarette Chinese Cafe on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles.  My friend Tim Thorney really wanted me to meet this girl from Toronto who he told me is so talented she would blow my mind.  Sitting next to me is the new talent, she has just made a new album and is shopping to see which label she will eventually go with. She tells me of all the people she has met so far in Los Angeles she really likes Madonna.  She feels that Madonna will let creativity flourish and that is important to any artist.

This singer-songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and actress, is Alanis Morissette, her new album is called Jagged Little Pill.  I tell Alanis, that I am very excited to hear her new album, and that I am working on creating a record label, hopefully called Fox records.  If it all comes through in a timely manner, then she should sign with us, it will be headed by David Bowie as a creative director and it is very important to us that this label be creative, use all the platforms to deliver music currently available including computer games, and be fair and equitable for the artist. How did this even start you ask?  This is another Bowie story.

It seems very strange to be writing this blog post on the very day that Rupert Murdoch announced that he is engaged to Jerry Hall.

Iman and I just stand in the corner, we are both very shy, and not at all like Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, those two work the room and are so outgoing  – David Bowie

Bowie and I over dinner one night while Iman was at her acting class, the only night you could hang with Bowie. He and I talked about and then decided we would create a record label.  He brings the creative element and I would bring money to the table and why not also involve the Benetton’s at the time my friend Carlo Tunioli was Executive Vice President of Benetton USA and we could use their innovative marketing, for the label and create Fox Records as I had a film deal already in place with 20th Century Fox Film Corporation and all this would be vertical integration for News Corporation.  Bowie enlightened me on where he was with his new album Black Tie White Noise which he was recording at the time.

The next day Bowie popped over and was standing in my living room with a handful of CD’s he wanted me to listen to see what I thought and these could be the start of few bands we could sign onto our label.  Some I had never heard of, there was no YouTube in those days so you had to really hunt for new upcoming bands, and Bowie had his fingers on the pulse, he was always searching.

Bowie’s people had started the meeting with 20th Century, some from his team such as Robert Goodale had joined my film venture, adding a nice mix.  Film project that went to Bowie would now end up at our production company.  Bill Zysblat of RZO production who looked after (Madonna, U2, The Rolling Stones, and David Bowie) was on standby for 20th Century Fox.  Bowie had by now compleated the album Black Tie White Noise and it was on hold, Bill Zysblat wanted a record deal but could not wait any longer and was asking, is this gonna happen or not.  Bill Mechanic who at the time was running 20th Century Fox was telling me ” I don’t have time to run a record label, I am running a film studio and I don’t have anyone to run a record label”, this made me fly off the handle  and say, “do you even know who David Bowie is?  You don’t have to have anyone at the studio to run the label, Bowie can pick up the phone and call anyone in the world he knows everyone, are you in or are you out?”.  I would soon learn from Gus Fisher the Chief Operating Officer of News Corporation in a telephone conversation that Rupert Murdoch had decided that he did not want to be in the music business.  David Bowie’s new album had to be released and so Bill Zysblat did a deal with Virgin Records for Black Tie White Noise.

So what came out of this process?

As Bowie was leaving my living room, I stopped him.  “David I need to show you somethings that Benetton are doing just look at it”.  I went and grabbed all the posters and books that Carlo had sent me from Benetton.

Look at these David, not one single image has a Benetton sweater, because Luciano Benetton does not care he just wants to create shocking images to wake those people on the streets who are sleep walking, and shake them up, but looks, it’s gays, black with white, refugees, hungry people in these posters  – I tell Bowie

David Bowie looks at these images for a while.  His head starts to shake, side to side.  His mouth moves but no words are coming out just his lips are moving.  He is focused, he is creating.  Some magic is about to happen, I can feel it. He looks up at me.  This is what he came up with.

Getting my facts from the Benetton ads

I’ve always enjoyed Bowie on saxophone so here from Blackstar is Dollar Days, enjoy music he left us before he went to heaven.  More stories to come.

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Goodbye Gisele Caroline Bündchen and hello Carolina Pampillo from ‘Where The Sun Shines’ São Paulo


I don’t see how to continue [modeling on the catwalk]… and stopping will leave room for other projects I have for myself. – Gisele Bündchen

Gisele according to Forbes, Gisele has amassed $47 million in the last year thanks to her lucrative campaigns for Chanel, Under Armour, Pantene, H&M, Carolina Herrera, and more. She will no longer walk the catwalk after her last time in her native Brazil at Sao Paulo fashion week where camera from around the world are waiting to capture the moment including the David Bowie Is Around The World film.

According to Forbes, Gisele has amassed $47 million in the last year thanks to her lucrative campaigns for Chanel, Under Armour, Pantene, H&M, Carolina Herrera, and more.

While Gisele exsits someone else comes to your attention. In my case it is through my very talented friend who once came to Los Angles and introduced me to Alanis Morissette, music producer Tim Thorney.

So lets discover some of the talent of South America, from Argentina, meet Carolina Pampillo who is now based in Los Angles. Check out Carolina her music and films, she kicks ass. Since it’s Brazil where Gisele is doing her last walk on the runway here is the song ‘ Where The Sun Shines ‘ by Carolina produced by Tim Thorney.


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The 2015 JUNO Awards through the eyes of my friends Instagram

contest-page-dec2014.jpg (753×443)

The great thing about social media is how one can keep in touch with everything that is going on around the world. Most of my friends you will meet in the David Bowie Is Around The World documentary I am making about talented, creative people from around the world. As a Canadian I am so proud of our talent, and as I am down-under in the land of Oz, I checked up what some of my talented friends where up to in Hamilton, Canada, at the 2015 Juno Awards, as they are in media, and music. So here they are follow them all they are truly talented.

Tim Thorney he is a musical genius, and I will never forget when he came to LA years ago with Canadian Alanis Morissette, they had dinner with my friends and Tim told me listen to Alanis music, rest is history and she rocked it tonight

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Alanis Juno soundcheck @sypesype

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Thank you

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The band and the boss

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Veron Chang aka MoVernie , is the first dude I met when I moved back to Toronto from LA, I just liked his style, I am his biggest fan, he is passionate about spreading the word, Canada, and Toronto. Follow him he loves food.

Anna Cyzon , I love her, she loves David Bowie, and rocked it in my Bowie film currently in production, she is so very talented follow her listen to her music. She rocks.

JHYVE, musician and band, check out his music.

Jessica Mitchel, the girl has talent, and when she get up on stage she performs. She has an amazing voice.

Darriel Roy, she former Miss Ontario, and Miss Universe Canada. She is always on the go, and top of the scene, and she will get your story and get the word out there follow her to stay on top of things on the go.

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VIP! @eonefilms Hello Kitty Nails done by @sparkssalons

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@kiesza backstage at @thejunoawards

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