David Bowie & Arizona Muse Would Rather Be High With Louis Vuitton!

David Bowie & Arizona MuseIf you are going to make a film called “David Bowie Is Around The World‘ , then Louis Vuitton would be a good place to start to get the luggage, a watch perhaps for your travels and all the other luxury items you can pick up not to mention why not a hot air balloon.  Then again why not include one in the film.  Now I just might have to do that in the film I am directing about Bowie, considering Arizona Muse supermodel already did it last year over Paris and now with Bowie.  After all it all fits with L’Invitation au voyage film set in Venice Italy by Louis Vuitton.

Here below is the 8mm look, and the final cut look at what Bowie and Muse do in that very luxurious manner to Bowie’s song, from his album The Next Day , I’d Rather Be High.

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Mercury Music Prize 2013 Shortlist – David Bowie nominated for doing something interesting!

Bowie - Kate MossDavid Bowie could win his first Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize after being nominated on this year’s shortlist, as he goes up against a host of musicians who were not even born when his career began.

Simon Frith, Mercury Prize chairman, said: “This year’s Barclaycard Mercury Prize shortlist celebrates a fascinating year for British and Irish music, marked by a wonderful range of musical voices – urgent, reflective, upbeat and tender, acoustic and electronic, and all with something intriguing to say.”
He admitted the short list was “not a rational decision”, saying it was “partly pragmatic and partly passion”.
Referring to the inclusion of Bowie, who could be the oldest winner in the history of the prize, and the Arctic Monkeys, he said:

“What is really striking about this year is that we have established artists doing something interesting. “It’s not just another record”.

He also noted the inclusion of more electronic records this year, saying the genre was “moving clearly into the mainstream”.

Bowie, who released his debut album in 1967, has been nominated on this year’s Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize shortlist, along with 11 others in the running for the best album of 2013.
The 66-year-old’s surprise release in January, The Next Day, was praised by the panel for its “panache and a remarkable sense of urgency’” and goes up against the cream of the best musicians the new generation has to offer.
Shortlisted alongside Bowie are 19-year-old Jake Bugg, the singer-songwriter known in part for his tabloid feud with boyband One Direction, Laura Marling, 23, and 24-year-old James Blake.
The shortlist also includes Artic Monkeys, for their fifth album AM, Disclosure for their debut Settle, Foals for their third album and second Mercury nominated release Holy Fire, and Jon Hopkins’ Immunity.
They will go up against Laura Mvula’s record Sing to the Moon, Rudimental’s debut album Home, Savages’ Silence Youself and Awayland by Villagers, who were nominated in 2010. The winner will be announced on October 30.

Bowie was last week nominated for six Q awards, in recognition of his comeback this year, which gave him his first number one album in 20 years.

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David Bowie – Gives 42 Words About ‘The Next Day’

David BowieIt’s been almost four months since David Bowie announced he was returning from semi-retirement and six weeks since The Next Day arrived on shelves, but Bowie has yet to utter a word in public, let alone make any sort of appearance, in support of the album. He is starting to crack just the tiniest bit, though. I hope the crack will widen and perhaps a tour.

No interview no role in the David Bowie film I am making. Asked to supply a “work flow diagram” for his new album and Bowie responded with forty-two words. Here they are:











































“The Next Day is the unlikeliest masterpiece of the recent popular song, the best album by an otherwise retired classic rock artist in many, many years,” he writes in his introduction. “It kicks the shit out of that recent spate of albums by Neil Young and Crazy Horse, it is better than anything the Stones did since Tattoo You (which is mainly good because of Sonny Rollins anyhow), better than anything Van Morrison has done since Avalon Sunset, better than anything Dylan has done since Time Out of Mind, better than anything Brian Ferry has done since Mamouna (19 years ago), better than anything Joni Mitchell has done since Mingus, better than anything Jimi Hendrix has done since Electric Ladyland, better than anything Elvis Costello has done since Blood and Chocolate, better than anything Paul McCartney has done since Run Devil Run, better than anything associated with the Who since Who By Numbers.”

Will the iron curtain crack, I have made a request for an interview long ago, maybe it’s around the corner, showing up in the film? hey anything can happen, just go with the flow.

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David Bowie Film Gets A Kick Start From Fortuna Mezcal

Original_photography_for_the_Earthling_album_cover_1997__Frank_W_Ockenfels_3 You have this plan to make a film discovering talent around the world that has been impacted by musical icon David Bowie. The project is percolating  in your brain of fiber optic lines carrying ideas. Then along comes good fortune, or in this case Fortuna Mezcal and it lights up the brain with tantalizing sensation, while warming up your soul with its taste and love that went into making it.

David Bowie artfully can create something complex and make it sound simple. Fortuna Mezcal is also created with great care. Mezcal is the generic term for an alcoholic beverage distilled from fermented agave, a plant related to the lily. Mezcal is more artisanal, usually made by small, locally owned companies or individuals. David Bowie has always gone on his own path, charted a new course when he could have been quite comfortable in the “status quo”.

As long as we remember nothing in life is an accident. Then we can all propel an idea because of the collective energy of all those involved. This is the magic that took place at Ursa restaurant in Toronto.

It all began with the ambassador for Fortuna Mezcal Megan Alexandra Jones think about this (David Robert Jones aka David Bowie, scary or what) leaving me an invite on Facebook. Ursa in Toronto also happened to be one of my favorite places as they allowed me to come and photograph them throughout the Toronto International Film Festival while I served as Chair of VIP Talent for the festivals first fund-raising gala.

Soon the man who orchestrated the week of events with Fortuna Mezcal’s little blitz into Toronto, Marcello Cabezas sat me down with Pat an artist, designer from Mexico City also part owner with her husband Walter and whatever ideas were ablaze now exploded with the intensity of Mount Etna. Now you would think this was it. The night was not yet over.

Another drink of the smooth Fortuna Mezcal arrived thanks to the bar manager Robin Goodfellow while another person who had partied with me Penelope Cruz, and Javier Bardem (the bad dude in James Bond 007 Skyfall) at the Ritz Bar during the film festival introduced me to Fabio Sartori a musician from South Africa. Fabio was not just a musician he had also been videographer who had worked with Tony Hawk ( I am not kidding you this was all in one night with Fortuna Mezcal). Fabio and I shared a common motto , “keep the camera rolling”, you will never know what will unfold in front of your eyes. I am a skateboarder and surfer, so you say Tony Hawk all the bells go off.

Soon afterwards the ideas that had been lighting up every brain cell began flowing in tandem, dancing in a rhythm as if a tune composed by David Bowie and the movie began to flow the moving images where full of lively colour, from the owners of Fortuna Mezcal, to all those involved and the script was written ( or in this case not ) just going with the flow was the best way to make this film.

This was day one of the film project ‘David Bowie Around The World Of Formula 1’ fortune for me came in a bottle called Fortuna Mezcal and it’s owners.

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