Venus William Blowoff In Pit Lane WTF “Get out of Pit Lane” United States Grand Prix

I have taken a lot of VIP’s to a Formula 1 race thanks to Bernie Ecclestone such as Warren Buffets son Peter Buffet, Rolling Stones and U2 business managing director just to name a few and these people have seen it all rock and roll style. They were always so excited to be in pit lane, appreciated the hospitality and if reporters came asking question were eager to part-take in the spirit of the high-octane event. I have personally never ever accommodated anyone or wasted a call to Ecclestone for someone who just wanted to be seen.

So what really ticked me off was Venus William and her attitude in pit lane. She just refused to answer or engage, in pit lane and basically turned her back on Martin Brundle of SKY Sports. My first thought was ‘WTF’ are you doing in pit lane. I am a believer in that the only VIP’s who should be in pit lane are those who will be engaging, tweet, instagram because they then add to the event so don’t waste a pass on moody people.

Now let me say I am not hating, I have been a big fan of the both the Williams sister, so I was just bit stunned by her uncalled for rudeness.

I am not the only one feeling this way.

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First Lady Michelle Obama ” You gotta love people … No I am not gonna run for President” SXSW

Wanna hear Michelle Obama sing? Check it out, lady can sing

The first lady made her debut at the Austin showcase of buzzworthy bands and technology on Wednesday, sitting with Grammy winners Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott to talk about girls’ education and empowerment.

Mrs. Obama says she’ll most miss interacting with people as first lady — but says she has no presidential aspirations of her own.

“No, no. Not going to do it,” she told the packed convention center crowd in liberal Austin.
She mentioned her teenage daughters, Malia and Sasha, as two of the main reasons.

“The daughters of a president. Just think about it. Come on, young people. Not so easy,” Mrs. Obama said. “They’ve handled it with grace and with poise, but enough. Enough.”

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First Lady Michelle Obama Comes To Speak at SXSW and Canadian Singer Alessia Cara Got A Message for the 62 Million Girls

It’s SXSW Music starting today and tomorrow we have a keynote from First Lady Michelle Obama, and she is joined on the panel by Grammy winner and Oscar nominee Diane Warren, Grammy winner Missy Elliott, Grammy winner Queen Latifah, and actress and activist Sophia Bush for a discussion about finding one’s passion and acting on it. Live Streaming.

How could I not represent and share with all those at SXSW Music, and the world talent from my hometown Toronto.  So to the 62 million girls, who have dreams and hopes, let me introduce you to Alessia Cara. Now according to Spotify the most viral song of 2015 was ‘Here’, by Alessia Cara. So to everyone out there Alessia is another example of how magic can happen dreams can come true, and what you will hear Michelle Obama talk about is letting girls learn, giving them the opportunity and the tools.

Imagine you are a girl you have a song out there and then Taylor Swift calls you up and ask’s you to sing in front of fifty-five thousand people, yes unreal, but true.

So let’s give Alessia a big shout-out follow her on her social media, and let’s get all the girls into the digital world so they too can explore, learn, exchange ideas, invent, with people in some far away place.

“Alessia Cara’s new album is great, been listening to it all the time.” – James Rush British Filmmaker

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President Obama To Director Sean Brosnan With His Film ‘My Father Die’ For Both A First SXSW

I once died and heard my mother’s voice. She whispered, “Keep breathing.” And I did. – Director Sean Brosnan

Saturday, March 12th  –  Time:  11:59pm – 1:25am  Theater: Alamo Ritz 1 320 East 6th Street.


When you go see Sean Brosnan’s film ‘My Father Die’ , you will understand how great it is that he kept breathing, because he one very talented filmmaker.  While Sean is the director of the film, he is not alone.  There is his lovely wife Sanja Brosnan, parents to daughter Marley, and then there is their dog who is never far.  When Sean met Sanja on an airplane one day he knew right there and then he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  They are a love story.  The films they make and Sean directs are works of passion.  You will see.  Get your tickets, NOW!, (just saying), if President Obama was to ask ‘who do you think should make few short films to inspire people?’ Sean Brosnan would be top of my list.  Some quick notes on ‘My Father Die’ .

My Father Die's midnight premiere at SXSW is on Saturday, March 12 at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz 1.There will be...

Posted by MY FATHER DIE on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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Amber Lounge from Monaco to Cowboy Country Austin Texas


After months of anticipation, Amber Lounge rolled out a three-night party extravaganza entertaining a coterie of celebrities, dignitaries, models, media and loyal Amber Lounge aficionados, who follow the exclusive event around the world over the years.
As the flag dropped on the 2013 United States Grand Prix the action moved from the race track to the dance floor as sixteen F1 drivers joined international stars: Gerard Butler, Gordon Ramsay, Adrian Grenier, to name just a few at the exclusive nightlife experience hosted by Sonia Irvine, sister of ex-Ferrari F1 star Eddie Irvine.
“It was an amazing weekend” says Sonia. “The club was buzzing with excitement and the atmosphere was just fantastic. It was great to see so many of our friends from the Formula One paddock at the party all relaxing and enjoying themselves. I have to say Austin has been nothing but pure delight and the people here know how to party!”
The corks were popped on 600 bottles of Moët & Chandon and Dom Pérignon champagne over the three nights. With Moët & Chandon Imperial featured prominently at the event, Peggy Lanigan, Regional Marketing Manager – Central Region, stated “Amber Lounge is always the place to be seen over the Grand Prix weekend. We were thrilled to partner with Amber Lounge and for Moet & Chandon Imperial to be the champagne of choice for such a stylish event.”
The purpose built venue in the heart of Austin was designed to incorporate not one but two dance floors that accommodated 1,400 guests in luxurious style over the Grand Prix weekend. Those guests fortunate enough to spend time over the weekend lounging on the huge white sofas and mingling with film stars, F1 drivers and runway models, will no doubt remember this weekend for the rest of their lives.
F1 drivers Mark Webber, Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button, Paul di Resta and many more partied alongside celebrity guests including actors Matt LeBlanc, Nichole Galicia (Django Unchained) and Manu Bennett.
Renowned for his unforgettable performances, Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas rocked the stage and kept the dance floor moving all weekend long. “Performing at Amber Lounge has been a real honour. India, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Texas…it’s a world tour of the most amazing glamour, entertainment and style – and it’s sooo much fun. The adrenaline just doesn’t stop!”


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