Taylor Swift ‘Hunger Games’ that’s a one two combo!

Taylor Swift fans who can’t wait to see The Hunger Games—and we’re betting there are a lot of them—got a special treat over the weekend.

That’s because the country pop princess performed, for the first time ever, “Eyes Open,” the tune she contributed to the would-be blockbuster hitting theaters this weekend. These are the greatest fans I have come across. The young girls I ran into waiting to see The Hunger Games, had read the book several times and you can bet they know every word of the song.

“I’m really excited about it…but, I mean, you don’t think I’d get in trouble if I played it now? Probably not, right?” Swift teased the thousands of screaming concertgoers who packed Auckland, New Zealand’s Vector Arena last night.

She then launched into a solo acoustic rendition of “Eyes Open” that began with the refrain: “Everybody’s waiting/Everybody’s watching/Even when you’re sleeping/Keep your eye-eyes open.”

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The Grammy’s 2012

In the quirky style stakes Lady Gaga and rapper Nicki Minaj didn’t disappoint, with the first lady of pop donning a PVC dress with netting, while Nicki Minaj arrived in a Little Red Riding Hood style layered red caped dress, on the arm of a man dressed as the Pope!

A more somber note for the evening came as the tributes poured in for Whitney Houston following her death the night before. Stars including LL Cool J, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder paid homage to the singer, with Jennifer Hudson singing I Will Always Love You in her honour.

Other stand-out looks came from Kelly Osbourne in a grey sequin and chiffon Tony Ward Couture gown, Jessie J in a stunning Julien McDonald fishtail dress, and Rihanna, who rocked a plunging Giorgio Armani number. Gwyneth Paltrow chose a cut out frock by pal Stella McCartney, to present an award.

Adele well she bounced back from her rubbish relationship belted out Rolling in the Deep, from her album 21 and showed everyone what it’s all about, the voice.

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Taylor Swift hee-haw’s past $50 million a year?

“There’s nothing like writing a song about someone who’s really mean to you and makes you life miserable,” she said, “and then winning a Grammy for it.”

I like Taylor Swift, and I like what she writes. But then I am the guy who likes what everyone writes so long as they are writing throwing the word to the wind, with some music. Somewhere on this planet someone whom you don’t know is touched by that, needs that, and their life can be changed. That is what artist’s do. I also like Taylor Swift because she really take the time and cares about her fans, and let’s not kid yourself without fans you have nothing.

This years Grammy winner Foo Fighters, Adele, all where about the pureness of the music. Hey you have to have a voice, you need to know your craft, it can’t be done in all computers because there is nothing like the real thing. Whitney Houston, god bless her, was real, that was a voice. Taylor, was about not being mean and this is important for her fan base. What does this all mean for the Taylor Swift empire? it translates into ticket sales of the brand Taylor Swift.

After winning her first award in 2010, Swift’s nightly gross ticket sales soared 380%, from $125,000 to $600,000. The next year, that number jumped to $1.1 million. With her additional Grammys in tow, Taylor Swift is poised for a monster year, earnings-wise. She pulled in $18 million in 2009, $45 million in 2010, and another $45 million in 2011. This year, she may well top $50 million.

Perhaps Swift put it best herself moments after her second Grammy win of the year, saying simply: “This is unbelievable.” Yes, dreams come true and magic is real, just believe.

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