Sarah Fisher Canadian Actress Singer Drops New Music For The Playlist Of FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019

Drake who recently dropped two songs celebrating the 2019 NBA Champions  The Toronto Raptors started on a television show Degrassi.   Sarah Fisher like Drake also from Toronto got her first acting gig on Degrassi: The New Generation and  in collaboration with producer Shel Talmy and Danny Byrne just dropped these songs for all the women of FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 playlist and those girls aspiring to be playing in  future women’s world cups.  As Sarah said ” I love the hashtag. ‘Dare to Shine’ “.

Sarah Fisher was traveling to Los Angeles and I suggested she connect with my friend Shel Talmy who had produced the first two albums for a guy called David Jones who launched his third album under the name David Bowie.  Shel went on to produce The Kinks, and The Who.  Shel would bring in his friend Danny Byrne and together with Sarah they came up this music dropped today for FIFA World Cup France 2019 hours before Canada plays The Netherlands and later USA whose B Team you have to fear will play Sweden.   The collaboration of Sarah, Shel and Danny ends with music because they are supporting opposing teams Shel and Barry for Team USA while Sarah is for Team Canada.

You Don’t Own Me – Sarah Fisher – Produced By: Shel Talmy and Danny Byrne

If These Walls Could Talk – Sarah Fisher – Produced By: Shel Talmy and Danny Byrne

A third bonus track Bleeding by Sarah Fisher from Shel Talmy’s SoundCloud 

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Hope Solo Calls Sweden ‘Cowards’ In USA Loss At The Olympics – Rio 2016

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Hope Solo

Well someone is not taking the loss well.  My take on this game was both side’s gave it all.  Hope Solo has been around long enough to know no one is gonna play your game.  The Swedes did what I’ve seen Germany, Iceland, do in the Euro Cup, come with a strategy and not deviating from it.  Hey leaving it to penalty kicks is a coin toss anyway, and I’ve seen it happen and everyone that follows football has seen it happen.

Solo might think Sweden is not gonna make it far in the tournament, but excuse me ‘hello’ did Sweden not just take out the reigning Olympic champions.


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Sweden To Pakistan ‘Where Is Home’ and ‘Spoon Me’ By Elliphant

Ellinor Miranda Salome Olovsdotter stage name Elliphant was born in one of my favorite cities Stockholm, Sweden.  Recently Elliphant shot two videos in Pakistan, where I was born and where my uncle Pakistani singer Saleem Raza had indoctrinated me into the world of music when I was growing a boy.

Here are the two videos of Elliphant shot in Pakistan, you will note in the guitarist in ‘Where Is Home’ wears a ‘kameez’ (long shirt usually worn traditionally in Pakistan with salwar), and jeans, this my friends is very much in vogue.

In the video ‘Spoon Me’, there is a sweet tabla, with electronic beats that are very popular in Pakistan underground music scene especially in the city of Karachi.

I have also included some tracks in a play list for you to enjoy recorded in the late 60’s by my uncle.  Hope you enjoy the play list I grew up with lot of uncles playing tabla and some of these arrangements can be mixed into with music from new young alternative bands.

Be like Elliphant and venture out and explore the world of music.


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