Discover Nika Nova From Moscow With Love and FIFA World Cup Final – France vs Croatia

So many great things about FIFA World Cup in Russia one could say but most important of all are the people and discovering new talent in Russia such as the singer, blogger, and future film director Nika Nova.

Nika as a singer has built her loyal fan base using social media, but then again she was not new to it as she had been a blogger.

So as the excitement builds towards the finals in Moscow between France and Croatia here is my short interview with Nika and a look at her FIFA World Cup Show, music video, and follow this Russian dynamo on her Instagram.


1. How has the World Cup experience been for you and what did you think of the
Russia team ?

This experience that I`ve got during the World probably the best one in my whole life.
This applies to both work and ordinary pastime in Moscow with fans from all over the
world. And of course, I am so proud of our Russian team, they played very well, and
what is very important , gave us so much happiness and joy during the matches!

2. Do you think having the World Cup in Russia with people coming from all over the
world been good for Russia?

This is amazing! I am so happy that i have the opportunity to be here, meet amazing
people from different countries. And I’m definitely happy that the whole world have the
opportunity to see Russia and to know more about our beautiful country!

3. You are an artist and singer songwriter who has built a loyal following in Russia
using social media how did you start as a singer and what gave you the idea to use
social media to promote your music?

I’ve been doing blogging before, so I kind of realized, that social media definitely can
help me with promoting.

4. How do you get ideas for your songs, and music videos?

This is just inspiration that I see in the whole life – everything what’s happening,
different places and especially people, people really inspire me.

5. What has it been like to have loyal fans of your music?

It is amazing, I’m so thankful to everyone who supports me, who listen to my music and
who leaves the feedback.

6. Tell us what you would tell those visiting Russia to experience in Russia .

If you’re going to Moscow, of course you should see historical part of city: Red Square,
St. Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin Tretyakov Gallery, Arbat Street

7. What is your goal to do as a musical artist?

Wembley, of course 🙂

8. What place would you like to visit in the world and why?

I would love to explore more if Russia to be honest, our country is so huge and
beautiful! And to be fair, there are lots of places in Russia I’ve never been to.

9. Tell us what you like to do when not writing music, singing or making music videos?

Actually, I am studying directing for film and television in my university. So, despite the
music, I really do love to write scripts, to shoot some kind of short films and to edit.

10. What or whom are some of your musical inspirations ?

Certainly Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Sting














I selected this post by Nika as she is wearing that T- Shirt reminding me of my late friend who just happened to be a mega star David Bowie.





FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 Russia

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Formula 1 Experiences – How to get your tickets to go ZOOM ZOOM and enjoy The F1 Experience

In the old days someone wanted to keep things pretty exclusive. However now with Liberty Media and Sean Bratches managing director of commercial operations at F1 with sports event partner QuintEvents you can get up close and personal.

Here is the link to all the F1 Experiences you can enjoy. F1 Experience.

“We want people to experience the thrill of this exhilarating sport and that is what the F1 Experience program will deliver.” – Sean Bratches

Now if you looking for something other that the above well call me.


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One Republic Free Concert At Super Bowl City Reaches Capacity Crowd


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David Beckham In A Suit Not Undies Will Own Soccer In Miami

Beckham and Don Garber, the commissioner of M.L.S., announced the awarding of the new team at a news conference in Miami today. The team will not begin play in M.L.S. until at least 2016. This really was no surprise to anyone, this has been in the works for while. I tracked Beckham down at the Super Bowl, chilling with Lewis Hamilton and yes it was confirmed the game was on.

The league values its association with Beckham. As part of his original contract when he joined M.L.S. as a player in 2007, he was granted the right to buy a team — with some limits on its location — for what would be the below-market rate of $25 million.

Beckham narrowed his sights to South Florida last year after retiring as a player, and the league has held off on the awarding of the team only because it requires new clubs to have a stadium plan in place. Beckham’s ownership group does not yet have a completed stadium deal, but Wednesday’s announcement will be a sign that the league is confident one is close.

The league has let the requirement slide in the past. New York City F.C. was announced as the league’s 20th team last year, after paying a reported fee of close to $100 million, but it still does not even have a temporary home for its first season, in 2015. Orlando City, which was named M.L.S.’s 21st team in November, has a stadium deal in place and will also begin play in 2015.

M.L.S. is sure to welcome Beckham as an owner, but getting a stadium for the team in Miami will not be easy, because of political pressures and a vibrant real estate market that has driven up prices. Yet all in Miami are thrilled at the prospect.

Discussions have centered on a piece of county-owned land near the city’s seaport, Port-Miami, where cruise lines and cargo ships dock. But that property was slated for commercial development, and putting a stadium there instead could represent a loss of revenue for the county. To win county approval, the owners of the stadium might have to make market-rate payments. This is a world where a stadium, hotel, condos, cinema’s, call all coexist as Toronto has proven, with the Rogers Stadium.

Even then, it is unclear how soon a stadium might be built, though the team could presumably play a year or two at a temporary home like the Miami Dolphins’ stadium in Miami Gardens or at Florida International University in Miami. New York City F.C. has said that it plans to take that approach and that it expects to announce a temporary home in the next few weeks.

There are also political hurdles for Beckham’s Miami team. Carlos A. Gimenez, the mayor of Miami-Dade County, has opposed the use of public money for privately operated sports facilities. Before becoming the mayor, he was one of the few county commissioners to oppose the use of hundreds of millions of dollars in public money to help the Miami Marlins build a stadium, and he questioned whether the Dolphins should be given tax dollars to refurbish their privately owned stadium. Reaction to the deal to help the Marlins cost several top politicians their jobs, and Gimenez, who will attend Wednesday’s news conference, would be loath to change course suddenly to help build a soccer stadium.

The Beckham team, and the arrival of Orlando City, would mark the second — and, the league no doubt hopes, more successful — venture into the Florida market for M.L.S. The Tampa Bay Mutiny were a charter member of the league in 1996, and the Miami Fusion joined M.L.S. two years later in an earlier era of expansion. But both clubs struggled to attract fans, or a workable permanent home, in a market that has been difficult to navigate for sports teams, and the league shuttered both clubs in 2001. The move left M.L.S. with 10 teams.

The arrival of two new Florida teams in the next few years, along with a potential team in Atlanta operated by the Falcons’ owner, Arthur Blank, could be the start of a new Southern strategy for M.L.S. Garber has repeatedly said that he envisions an M.L.S. with up to 24 clubs. Spy Girl was on the scene today in Miami for the news.

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